Sab Se Pehle Pakistan?!

I started writing this before the party was launched. And recent interviews have proven the former chief of army a traitor. And yet he expects respect from the people of Pakistan! And still claims to be the upholder of “sab se pehle Pakistan” while exposing country’s secrets! He should be hanged till death but no.. that would be too short a punishment. I remember once praying that may he be in such pain that he’d pray for death and death wont come to him, but now I know Allah must have saved a great punishment for him as he still walks the earth with dyed hair!

The former President of Pakistan, who’s been living in UK for the past eight years, is planning to come back and wants to help the Pakistanis in dire need. Let’s just see what he did during his rule and see why would we want him back.

1. He sold Pakistani land to the Americans and till today they have been working on this land as if it’s their own. NATO gets its supplies through our land. Shame on us.

2. Drone attacks! He welcomed them taking no action.

3. Genocide! Killing of innocent students at Jamia Hafsa and claiming to have defeated the enemy!

4. He sold Pakistanis for dollars! (and this he himself acknowledged in his biography!) beghairti ki bhi inteha hai! I’m sorry for there is no other word for it!

5. To top it all, he made Abdul Qadeer Khan a viallian!

The list goes on and on…

Oh Allah! save us from people like him and Zardari and Sharif borthers and others who are here to sell off PAkistan!


Are You Crazy?

Sitting with my husband and watching what he was doing on the computer, which is most of the time watching news and reading newspapers and of course fb, he came across a person whose status was that the Government of Pakistan has lost it’s marbles for spending millions of dollars on the lawyers of Dr. Afia when the majority of population is living under the poverty line!

Shocked?! Flabbergasted?! Want to hit your head on the wall?!!

I’d rather kill him for saying that!

He’s crazy! How can one even imagine that?! Selling these people off to the US state, disappearance of her children and the other two who are believed to be dead, doesn’t he feel anything? She had been harassed, raped, mentally tortured and we as Muslims and Pakistanis can just let it go because we don’t think the government should spend that much money on her?! Doesn’t he have a mother? Doesn’t he have a sister? Wont he have a wife or a daughter? What if something like that happens to them, God forbid, would he continue eating and drinking and wont feel anything for them, wont do anything for them?  Are you going to blame her for the starvation of the Pakistani people or are you going to blame the corrupt Pakistani Government for that? Is this what we have stooped to?? THIS?!!! Is it soo easy to sell your mother and daughters?!

So we should join the Musharraf and the Government of Pakistan and continue doing all the wrongs that we have been doing for soo many years and not raise our voices against the cruelty and the wrong done by these people and then maybe we will prosper??! The people of Pakistan won’t live below the poverty line? Have we stopped fearing Allah that He might send down punishments from Heaven on this very earth for siding with the wrong?! The very reason Pakistan is going through whatever that it’s been going through since a very long time is because we have stopped supporting what’s right, we have stopped raising our voices against the wrong, we have stopped caring about right and wrong as we don’t let ourselves be touched by the tragedies of our own people as our lives have been going on a smooth keel! We have stopped giving a damn about anything and everything. Will our actions go unnoticed?!

On the authority of Hudhaifah Ibn Al-Yamân (may Allah be pleased with him and his father) who reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “By Allah in whose Hand my soul is, you’d better enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong or Allah will descend upon you His severe punishment and then you supplicate Him but He will not answer your supplication” [Narrated by At-Tirmidhi, Hadith no.2169]

Prisoner 650

The long awaited judgment was passed and the daughter of the nation was put behind bars, yet again! There’s a limit to everything and there’s a limit to Zulm as well. There’s a limit to double standards and there’s limit to torture and abuse! HUH! The New world knows no limits when it comes to abducting people, abusing them and torturing them and then blaming them for something they haven’t done and then coming up with a “fine” jury and putting them in prison for life harassing them throughout!

Dr. Afia Siddiqui. Nation’s daughter. Abducted with her three children! One of them returned but the other two… there’s no sign of them. The Americans fail to provide justice to her because it would mean that her abduction altogether was unjust! Their ego would have been terribly wounded. The system would have been called flawed of which the Americans are so proud!

The facade of their so called honest and just judicial system has just been shattered to pieces. Dr. Afia was physically, mentally and sexually abused inside the American prison, Bagram in Afghanistan and then later was taken to America when much hue and cry was created about her whereabouts and her screams that were heard during her stay there. Prisoners used to say that even after when they were released her screams used to disturb them at night. The torture by American or Ishould say the coalition forces has been out there when the whole Abu Ghraib prison situation came out. The treatment with men was soo shameful, I wonder how these so called human right activists and these so called humane American policies would have worked their hands over when their animal instincts were unleashed on a frail women leaving her almost unrecognizable!

The question still remains… she went missing in Pakistan… who took her to Bagram? And please don’t give me the answers the stupid American lawyers keep blabbing about. Forget that… the most important question… where are her children? Are they even alive? The Americans, who are so proud of their history, their just treatment with women and children, where have they put her kids? The kind of torture she was subjected to, ain’t she human? or just because she is a Muslim, she can never be subjected to respectful treatment?! I remember how Yvonne Ridley accepted Islam, because the Taliban treated her with utmost respect and the Americans, though might have come to Afghanistan to liberate it from Taliban, could never even give a woman the respect she deserves! The American Judiciary has the motto that a person is innocent until proven guilty but the double standards that are kept for us Muslims, treated Afia Siddiqui as guilty until proven innocent!

The worst part is the government didn’t give a damn what happens to the Afia Siddqui case because it has been the puppy dog of America and can’t talk to them one on one! Musharraf, the person who handed her over to the authorities. Do we forget that there’s a reward for every deed we do? Handing her over, her torture, not doing anything for her, what will we answer when we’ll stand before Allah and what if He asks us that what have you done? Reminds me of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. when he was thrown in fire, a bird brought water in her beak to put it out. Angels or God ( I don’t remember) asked her that why is she doing it when she knows that it wont be able to put out the fire. She replied, “I’m doing whatever that I can.”

We, as Muslims, as Pakistanis, as students, teachers, writers, and in whatever field we are in, we can put in a little contribution. Even if it is just a drop of water in our beaks, just one speck. The Government, the people in power are too much worried about their own power games that they wont budge. It’s time we take initiatives of our own accord because it’s not going to come from somewhere else.

As I said in the beginning, there’s a limit to everything.But there isn’t a limit to the American torture and Jewish hatred for Muslims. The Muslims seem to have crossed their limits when it comes to dishonor and slavishness! But the situation we all are heading forward to… seems to be more going towards the end that we have always read about. There will be either fundamentalists or liberals. And the middle that we have seen for so many years is vanishing quickly. MAy Allah make us one of those who follow Haqq and are supporters of haqq . Ameen.

Bhar De Jholi

The President of Pakistan…

The only thing that comes to my mind while watching any news regarding him on TV- specially when he’s out of country having ‘important’ meetings around the world.. begging for aid, is;

bhar de jhooli meri ya….

wonder when he’d stop begging and I still wonder where that money would go… Ever wondered where the money from the ‘President Relief Fund’ would go? I mean haven’t we experienced the billion dollars being somehow vanishing from under our noses that was collected for the Earthquake victims. Bechare people still livving in makeshift tents even when it’s snowing and below zero degree. And all of us have already seen how the smiling President and his wife hoarded up money in swiss banks! Now the hubby would have all the money to himself…

‘hum k iss ehed mein jeenay ka guman rakhte hain
Chasme hairaan ki zubaan mun mein kahan rakhte hain

Time to Wake Up…

“Aziz admits energy policy was flawed”

“Ministry sees new taxes as only way out of crises”

I wonder what happened to the foreign reserves that the Mush and Shauki government used to brag about. When the economy is booming and country is progressing that by day, why over tax the already overtaxed population?! I wonder how much they’ll lie and how much they’d bleed us so that the fire of their tummies can be extinguished.

How to run The Nation

Democracy?! Well, the literacy rate is soaring in our country. Do you think we should trust their capabilities when the so-called-literates can act like fools?!

Dictatorship?! Hell no! The state of emergency?! No fundamental rights… Yet some so-called-literates want this to happen.

It’s high time to realise that there has to be another way…


Elections are coming. Everyone is prepared for unrest, bloodshed and no classes for a few days and in the end, the semester might extend. I know I’m presenting a  gloomy picture but since when have we had the dreams and hopes of bright future with these rotten set of politicians.

Well… I’m here because the other day my uncle said that Busharraf should remain on the presidential post as he’s one of the best army personel. And we’ve never seen development on such vast scale ever but under his reign. And he said something about the foriegn reserves being increased because of him.

I’m not going to claim that I’m a saint or anything but Sorry to say that above mentioned material gains… Do they worth more than human lives?! Are these things a substitute for inner peace?!

Yeah, I was kind of shocked at his statements. One of the reasons would be that the person who has mastered the art of battle-ship(if that’s a word), how can he leave the broders at this crucial time. His first and foremost duty should be to DEFEND the country from OUTSIDE forces! And that be on the ground not in some fancy office where he have all the time in the world to come on T.V. on daily basis, be an army chief and yet run a country! It just AMAZES me!

About the development. Mr. Prime Minister always rants about how the unemployment would be eradicted in so and so year. How the standard of living has increased. HELLO! The petrol prices are rising. Even when the world gets cheaper petrol, we here experience inflation in petrol prices, which results in the price hike of every other commodity. How can we ever forget about the flour prices which just took a flight into the space. PTCL is privatized, and now the forieng country would earn revenue in some 15 yrs and then pay the government in our own currency! What was the purpose behind selling it when the ineffeicency of the system has not yet been eradicated? The telephone lines are not repaired on time and no one pays a heed to your complaints!

This brings me to my favourite topic: KESC! Now that KESC has been sold to SEIMENS, a multi national firm, the Karachiites are suffering more because the electricity is not there and yet they have increased the charges per unit! This is what they call develpoment: drain the people of blood and torture them brutally till their deaths and live in President and Parliament Houses which consume more electricity than half the Karachi! This is DEVELOPMENT!

Yes, the Roads are being contructed, the flyovers being made. But what use are the flyovers which fall after a couple of weeks killing several?! And there are reports that the flyovers that are just contructed, they have faults too and some of them must be demolished and made again before any major loss of lives! It’s just eating up of OUR hard earned money and wasting it as if it doesn’t really matter. This is Development!

Foreign Reserves?! What are foreign reserves if the safety of human lives is not the priority. He himself said in his book that he actually sold people of Pakistan to CIA! The people dying in Waziristan! The Bajaur Agency madressahs being bombed with children inside! The may 12 mayhem!  And the most tragic incident of this year: Lal Masjid Event. Hundreds of girls murdered and Allah knows best what happened with them. And now whatever’s happening around the country! DO FOREIGN RESERVES COUNT?! How can I turn blind eye to all these violations of human rights and look at the money which is not even benefitial to this country?!

And I don’t want to dwell upon the hypocrisy of the “enlightened-moderation”!

And if you’re wondering others are better, NO! they are just the same! or even worse! This brings me back to the question: Should I support Musharraf? OR Benazir? or Nawaz Sharif? The only people who haven’t come in power is the religious party and maybe, according to my uncle, the biggest badmaash! I don’t really care anymore about what he thinks. Decide for your ownselves: Benazir with filthy wealth?(if she comes back, I hope I don’t get executed for writing this post) Nawaz Sharif with palaces in Jeddah and shares in Bin Dawod? Oh LORD! Help me!