Eid Mubarak To All

” So how do you feel?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, just few days left… you feel anything?”

“Ummm.. (scratching my head) No…”

“REALLY? or are you hiding something?”

“Okay… you tell me how should I feel?”

NA, is it normal or am I abnormal?

Forget the above conversation, guys. EID MUBARAK!

Kullu aam wa antum bakhair!


Keeping It Shut

At times it is soo hard to keep ignoring irritating and stupid things being said to you all the time. And remain polite and smile all the time. Life gets weird at times.

Defence Day!

Everyone around Pakistan have been celebrating Defence Day! Friends posting messages on Facebook, and sending smses that we fought like lions and tigers and won the war with a few tanks and fewer fighter jets! True! No one can deny the bravery and the imaan of those soldiers in those days. Today, I don’t know.

The recent reports of blackwater army driving through Iraq and is reported to have been involved in smuggling of weapons, child abuse and all sorts of crimes and since the “underground terrorist US army” is not over the ground, so the crimes go unregistered, unpunished! Not only that now the Blackwater army has deeply set it’s foot inside the boundaries of our own dear homeland for “security reasons”. There are reports in the newspapers that these terrorist army men assault local people in Peshawar and there is NO ONE there who can actually stop them. They move around in their big Chevy cars without number plates. Here’s one of the reports.  If you google it, a number of links would appear… go check for yourselves! I’m serious this is DISTURBING!

Mussolini’s secret police, Hitler (the abominable, the tyrant, the most racist dictator) had a secret police. So, what’s the difference between Hitler or Bush or Obama or Zardari. Don’t they seem like synonyms?! hai na? What say you?! OMG! No, they have been elected and have something to do with democracy! DEMOCRACY! MY FOOT! ( Oh Shoot! I’m losing my temper). What Democracy? The common people of Pakistan don’t know about these things, would they agree to it. No they don’t. But then we have a right to vote, we have a right to change things, but democracy is an illusion far  greater than dictatorship. Atleast one knows that dictatorship is dictatorship. Democracy is actually hypocrisy at it’s best. Anyway, Is no one concerned?! These people have western interests, some reports even call them “crusaders”. They roam around, holding guns, are not accountable for anything, any crime, any lawlessness. They are here for “security” reasons which US doesn’t want to disclose!

So are we going to sit down and watch it from the illusion of safety that we enjoy, but we don’t actually have?! Peshawar… then Islamabad, and who knows they probably are working in Karachi, Lahore and other parts of our country. Are we a country on the edge of ruin… Allah na kare. But the situation is worst than Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. They atleast know their enemies. We, on the other hand, know less and the very fact that the democracy is doing it’s “duty” is highly disturbing. To what limit would they take us? And today if we don’t want to come out of this illusion, I don’t think we have a right to call ourselves educated. The degrees we have now, we should burn them if we believe that whatever that is happening in Swat and the drone missiles won’t visit our homes. Because all of it is happening in our homes!

I’m just too disturbed right now! May Allah show us things as they are in themselves. Ameen. And save Pakistan from these anarchists that are roaming around and killing innocent people. Ameen. And may Allah save Pakistan from going towards these ruins. Ameen. It’s high time mothers of this nation wake up and do the duties that the mothers of the Muslim Ummah are assigned with. May Allah give us mothers like the mother of Mahmud Ghaznavi, Salahuddin Ayyubi. Ameen.

It’s a Post Modern World!

Beware! For it’s a post modern world. Everyone has the right to say anything they want to say about anyone without being ever convicted of falsehood, lying, cheating or deciet. And why am I saying this. Today, since the boundaries have been blurred, the history is not history anymore. You can never even trust a historian for that historian has broadened his horizons into fiction as well. What is history? Another man’s perspective of things?! Perhaps.

Today, the historical fiction has given the writers a license to write about the historical figures but they can make up events of their lives, add spice to it and make a warrior a thief and a thief a warrior, a good man a cheat and a murderer someone who’s an angel. One of the things that I would like to share here and I’m sure N.A. would be able to tell you better because she’s read more on it is, the fact that the religious figures of the Muslim world are a target for these kinds of writings now. The “fiction” written on Mauvlana Rumi is one of the most popular in the western world.The things that are written in the name of historical fiction might as well be characterized as blasphemous most of the time. People, in general, believe those events to be true and people write about them as a sacred duty they are doing to the world by showing the “true” picture of things. And if criticized, they call their work fiction. So they are like black shadow army of US who’ll are not accountable for the lies they write because it’s a mesh between reality and fiction.

And though internet is considered to be a source of information, containing information about anything and everything. And ANYONE can write, desseminate or publish ANYTHING and without being accountable for it. I mean everyone of us must have seen those blasphemous websites about Islam, Quran and twisted Islamic interpretation. And there’s no stopping them. Everyone has a lisence. People make fun of everything even things like religion without being accountable of it. Without even being ever known. I wonder what’s the next stage of that.

I am writing all this because most of us have left books and we rely mostly on the internet for information. The information that we seek on our laps, is most of the time is unreliable. We have information which is authentic but at the same time there’s a bombardment of information which is not! So how to access that authentic information, now that’s one hell of a job.

It’s a post modern world. The boundaried have blurred and you don’t see things in clarity. That’s one of the menace of this post-modern world. So even when one’s concerned with the news, well.. you can’t know fact from fiction most of the time. So we should always pray to Allah, “Oh Lord! Show us things as they are in themselves.” Ameen.