I don’t know why but the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, the racing heart rate and the constant buzzing of my brain is not letting me have enough sleep. What has happened which is making me so fidgety and so anxious? He was about to be hanged but the whole poltical scenario changed after his confession was aired on the television and not only that, he named big names who were involved in drenching the soil with the blood of innocent people.

It was an anticipated event because Altaf Hussain, the leader of MQM, denied ever talking to him or knowing him and hence what would have been the reaction of those who support MQM… but alas we will never know I guess. But this has indeed created doubts and questions in the minds of those who support them that how far will he go in order to protect himself. Will he deny ever having a contact with the Rabta Committee too?

It is not just about Saulat Mirza, it is about the generations of murderers and target killers that were produced; will there be no justice for the innocent lives that were brutally murdered because MQM had differences with them? A lot of questions are raised with it. Who raised these people? Who trained them? When intelligence agencies, military forces and other law enforcement agencies had proofs and they know how their network runs, why was there such a delay? Why a military government provided for them and why did they allow them to hold a militant wing? How were they able to steal from NATO containers and why didn’t Musharraf do anything about them? Why, suddenly, military has this intense desire to get rid of them? A very valid question would be, Why were they allowed to make a militant wing and why was military not concerned about innocent people dying everyday? Why is it that the law enforcement agencies do not give a damn about the common man?

I can’t sleep. My mind is wide awake and thinking too much and I can’t just stop thinking about it…



Mental slavery or perhaps the ‘hindu mindset’, that prevails in our society, makes us see men we idealise as gods, who cannot err. The recent events in our political scenario is enough to convince anyone that, yes, we are suffering from ‘personality cult’ syndrome. The PLM-N and PTI supporters cannot and will not ever hear anything against their leaders. Same is the case with other parties in which MQM and PPP are also top of the list. Same goes for the religious parties.
The disease is quite understandable as far as rural areas are concerned as the population there has either access to no or little education plus they are not even allowed to think against the wishes of the zameendars, and waderas there. Plus since these people have lived under the slavery of a few families for centuries, their subconscious and conscious selves cannot just forgo these mental chains and breathe freely in open air as it might just kill them.
But is education the only solution to this problem? The same trend in the educated class of the urban areas negate it. The educated lot also cannot and does not tolerate anyone who do not support their political or religious ideals. The continous pinpointing at ‘the other’ group, the hate speech and the character assassination of other’s leaders show that, we, as a nation, never actually came out of the ‘hindu mindset’. The reverence one feels and shows for their leader is more crucial and important than their faith in Allah because we feel that, ‘my leader is above every bad act and decision and can never be wrong and shouldn’t be questioned.’ Plus if you do not disagree than you are an enemy or a kafir. The very unquestionable following of a leader, be it political or religious, has only created gaps, cracks and hatred in our society.
The current scenario in which some leaders are asking for political reforms and thinking about bringing in a revolution, do not realise that the whole process of revolution does not revolve around people singing, and dancing, and claiming to do one thing one day and other on another day. Revolution will come after we let go of the mental chains of blindly following humanbeings and turn to follow the One that frees us from human worshipping and that we may be able to ask our leader how come you had a whole tableful of breakfast whilst we begged for food in the streets.


Freedom? What is freedom? What is freedom of expression? Are these terms relative? Do they have different meaning for some people, and different for others? How do you define terms that men have made soo complicated just so that they can get whatever they want? Which definition would you want to adapt yourself to? The classic version? The modern or the Post modern version? Soo many versions of just a simple question or is it just a simple question?

Anyway, so what is obscenity? The definition again would come under heavy discussion as to what really is obscenity. The trouble with our media and our so-called liberals is that they have become so much delusional and are suffering from such critical identity crisis that they have forgotten that we do not have to exhaust ourselves into the debate of what is allowed and what is not.

Whatever that is happening today around the world and in Pakistan, it just breaks my heart. We see people around us who would talk about how we shouldn’t have law of blasphemy in Pakistan and how it is cruel and everything and it is sad that the very people would not open their lips about the cartoonists and the movie makers who think they have every right to do whatever they are doing. Such hypocrisy. Do these people think that we should remove this very law and put those blasphemous cartoons and movies on a show for the people of Pakistan( in the name of freedom of expression, of course). Instead we should have a law to put people on trial who say a word against the Holocaust, Europe has it, why not us.

It is ironic that though we live in the Post modern world, the boundaries have become more distinct when we put people into categories, specially Muslims. The fundamentalists, or the liberals and the middle section that was there some decades back, has become extinct. Whatever that is happening around us, either good or bad or in that grey area, is what is shaping us inside out. If we feel for Muslims around us,or if we don’t care what’s happening, every moment, every day, every event, everything is effecting us in so many different ways that we are either ending up becoming “the liberals” or the “fundamentalists”.

It’s been 11 years since 9/11 and since then thousands of innocent civilians, women and children have lost their lives in the name of the freedom that the US deludes itself in practicing. What kind of freedom have they provided to the people of Afghanistan, or Iraq? Freedom from this world perhaps.



Something happened that made me wonder; we live in our own little bubbles. We, in this age of global village , live lives as if we are all islands, disconnected, not effected and certainly not moved by whatever that is happening outside the boundaries of our little homes. We talk about change, and “tsunamis” and “revolution” yet we are not willing to sacrifice even our time to the very cause we think we believe in. Or are we?

I’m saying all this because this is exactly what is happening in our society. Whatever that is happening in Waziristan right now, or districts of Lyari in Karachi, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, or Palestine, how does it effect us? Do we think about them for more than two seconds? Do we even care about them more than posting a picture of it, or updating our status about it on facebook? Does it effect our lives in anyway? I don’t think so. We keep on living our lives the way we are living them, full of distractions and entertainment and we think we can bring a revolution without sacrificing our lives, careers, luxurious lifestyles just by clicking and wasting away in front of our laptop screens. We are not willing to do more than that and we believe we are doing sooo much.

Revolution, change and every word related to it looks nice and everything but the reality is much more brutal. The situation in our homeland and in the Muslim world is almost out of control. We have people who would sacrifice their lives for their leaders, but they will not unite under the one banner of Pakistan, let alone Islam. We should be ashamed of ourselves for not even feeling a pang in our hearts for those who are dying in streets everyday by stray bullets, target killers or by drones. How can we feel for the Muslims of other countries when we don’t care about the people who live around the corner from our own houses.

Do we feel for the kids that die in Waziristan by drones? Or the families that are lost in that beautiful valley of Swat? Or those who are a target in Karachi? Or any other part of Pakistan? If not how are we supposed to call ourselves alive when we are no better than the dead.

Awam tu pagal hai

Last night my father was telling us what he heard in one of the dars-e-quran that morning. The story of Hazrat Yousuf (a.s). He had been in jail for the crime he did not commit so when he was called by the King of Egypt, he first demanded that investigate the crime for which I was sent in jail. Ask the women who cut their hands if I was a “khaa-in“. The Quran says that Hazrat Yousuf said that everyone should know that I was not the one who would commit “khayana“. And the Quran said he was called a “Siddique” by the people around him. “Saadiq” and “Ameen” were the names given to Prophet Muhammad by the people of Makkah because of his truthfulness and honesty. These were the characteristics that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala wanted in His Prophets to rule over the Muslim Ummah.

Today, we see a different scenario altogether. The people who are sitting in the parliament and on Presidential seat are actually not an inch closer to the standards which were set long time ago for us. I know Prophets are the best of men amongst us and we cannot come near them but Allah sent those Prophets down as examples for us to follow. The game of politics that we have seen and that we see everyday makes us realise how hypocritical these politicians are and how far they would go to work for their own interest and put the people of Pakistan in jeopardy! It seems as if the national interests have gone in background and their own interests are served best!

The new Afghan trade transit, the fake degrees, Hillary Clinton’s visit and etc. etc. just make us wonder if these people know what they are doing? Or do they think that we are actually animals who cannot think or understand?

The ideology has been put at risk by the leaders and other elements working against us! The economy being destroyed by the leaders! The society is being pushed into anarchy!

I know I’m talking in fractions… I can’t help it!

Democracy! my foot! Afghan transit trade being signed without the stupid parliament being even informed and this is what you call is democracy!?!? ha ha!

bus awam hi pagal hai!

Height of Insensitivity

It was the time of the second Caliph of Islam, Hazrat Umar Radiallahu anhu, when the Muslims ruled over a vast region. And that region was way bigger than Pakistan. Hazrat Umar Radiallahu anhu at that time said that even if a dog dies out of hunger near the river Euphrates, I will be accountable for it. Allah will question me about it. This was the height of sense of responsibility that he practiced and not just talked about! And once his wife made a sweet dish for him and he asked her how did you managed it, she said I have been saving little over the months, and from that savings was I able to make it. He said that means that I am getting more than I need from the Bait-ul-maal and cut short his salary because he didn’t want to wrongfully use the money of Bait-ul-maal.

Families today are committing suicides around the country because they are not able to meet ends meet! And the leaders of this country cannot even show any sensitivity towards those people. Qamar Zaman Kaira actually is advising poor people to give away their children to Bait-ul-maal! The President, Prime Minister and other ministers are not willing to give up their own fuzul se expenses and are not even ashamed of illegally gobbling away the poor people’s tax money. They call “corruption” their right! President and Prime ministers have wealth of their own, why don’t they live in their houses, why don’t they pay their own bills, why don’t they face power outages and why the hell do they get all those body guards and million dollars worth bulletproof cars out of our tax money?!  And all they could say to the poor people that give away their kids to Bait-ul-maal?! Not only this but PML-Q’s member was even recorded to have been saying that the cases of committing suicides is Allah’s will as life and death are Allah’s will and we cannot meddle with that! If that’s the case, why do these ministers have body guards and why do they travel in bullet proof cars? Why take such measures when they have soo much faith in Allah that death is haqq and if they are to die because a bullet hit their head, these bullet proof cars will not be able to save them. Why waste our money? If they cannot meddle with the matters of life and death, why even wage a war against terrorism, they shouldn’t bomb and kill people in their own country because Allah will take care of that Himself. Why meddle with it?! This is the height of insensitivity!

And I am wondering why have I referred to Hazrat Umar’s life and his way of running the state affairs when ministers can easily say that during his time, Quran was supreme but now constitution is! Astaghfirullah! And yes maybe we misunderstood her! My foot! Why is it that the CMs of this country are getting 50% more money this year for their own expenses?

This is not just the height of insensitivity, this is crossing the limit!

Can You Guess The Name?

A certain hospital in Karachi comes under the City District Government Authority. The Hospital had been having some problems since the current political party got hold of it several years ago.

Recently, there have been major incidents in the hospital which have not been reported on any television, as that would mean a bad name to the mayor and his political party. One of the incidents that I would like to mention here happened pretty recently.

There had been an accident. The person injured when brought to the hospital was in a very critical condition. The doctors in the trauma ward attended to him, tried their best but were not able to save him. The person was a political activist. As he had died while doctors were working on him, they came under fire. The moment the person was announced dead, the political activists, who had brought him to the hospital, called their fellow workers, and all of them attacked the doctors there claiming that they didn’t do their best. They asked about the head of the trauma center or the person incharge then. They brought down the door of his office, broke everything there. The Unit office was called and the hospital asked them to please control the situation. The Unit office sent two policemen against 60 anarchists! Of course they never came out of the car to meet the mob head on.

Anyway, this is not the only incident that has happened there. There have been alot of incidents of the same sort happening in that hospital. In Karachi you know who those politically active activists are who are always there to create havoc, chaos and distruction around the city.

Can you guess the name?