Hajj 1438/2017

Prophet Ibrahim (a.s)!!!

His tests have been made into ibadahs for us! 

Hajj, Umrah, Sa’ee, Stoning of Jamarat, sacrificing animals; enacting whatever he did for the sake of Allah. May Allah accept from us as he accepted from him. Ameen


Mathematics with a Toddler

‘I am younger than my little brother (who’s five months old!)’, she insisted.


‘ But.. I am older than Arqam ( who’s a family friend and is 7 years old!)’

‘Okay! But how’s that even possible?!’

Placing her hands on my face and looking me in the eye,’ Look! I am sooo big!’

‘I know!’

‘But I still am younger than my little brother!’

Yes, you guessed right! She is three years old!



I Miss You

This sudden feeling grasped me leaving a lump in my throat; my heart tightening up suddenly, skipping a heartbeat and tears welled up in my eyes!

I miss you so much mum… if only I could fly and just reach you in a microsecond!

My Heart Bleeds

I am so heart broken with everything that is going on today! The brutality of Israel, the
hypocrisy of the West is not what disturbs me. It is the silence of the Muslim world that is killing me. I know that Palestinians are martyrs but what about us? The calamity that they are struck with is actually a test for the whole ummah!!! Only if we are willing yo realise it. The tweets of some Pakistanis were coming in saying that Hamas is a terrorist group and didn’t dare to say a word on the speech of Israeli MP who said that all Palestinian mothers should be killed! Where are all those liberals and human rights activists, and feminists? Or are they all sleeping because Palestinian women cover their heads and dress modestly?
My heart bleeds because we have failed not just as Muslims but also as an ummah!


As I watch the pictures coming in
from Gaza, mostly of kids punctured with missiles, I cannot imagine the pain their parents must be feeling. I try to imagine what if the baby was my 13 month old daughter or my 4 year old son, my heart would burst!
I wonder how can we not feel their pain and I pray that may Allah keep that feeling of pain, of rage and anger, against the genocide, alive. I’m afraid that on the Day of Judgement, how will I face my Lord when my brothers were being killed and I sat there doing absolutely nothing.


I used to be jealous of my cousins(maternal) beacuse my mum used to light up every time she used to see them and in turn they were head over heels in love with their phuppo (aunt). An they used to eat from her hands, sleep with her; she uses to tell them stories and they used to play together. It was not as if she never did everything with us but we were grown ups while her nieces and nephews were very young (still are). The point I’m trying to make here is that it seems as if a special love is there in her heart for her nephews and nieces. And now that I have my own nephews, I can understand that special love because it fills my heart with joy and pride and the feeling is just unbelievable.  It seems as if somone has filled your heart with this emotion that is not only unfathomable but also it cannot be contained in my bosom.  The joy of being a mother is something miraculous but the love for the kids of my brothers is just… it is incomprehensibly miraculous as welll… clearly a sign of Allah as He fills your heart with love of other people.  🙂

Bleak Future

tIt’s been few days now since all of us felt immense joy when MQM leader was arrested in Britain. And since yesterday, the joy’s been eaten by the terrorist attack on Quaid-e-Azam International Airport in Karachi! It’s been one whole day now and some people are still stuck inside the old terminal. The whole episode made me sad, angry, furious as I cannot fathom the fact that they let the building burn and took no notice of it! I just want to smash the heads of all the authorities in question with metal chair! I know I don’t seem right in my mind but how can I be? Don’t all this effect you in anyway? It is killing m from the inside that all those “jialas” who lightening earthen candles with their blood two days back just because Altaf Hussein gave blood for tests, can’t come upfront and save their people! This is how dead we are to feel the pain of people burning inside that building!

The whole episode raises serious questions and I am sure none of our leaders; either of political parties or security institutions, will be able to answer. Why don’t DG ISI resigns from his job for this utter security lapse which has made a laughing stock of them? Aren’t they suppose to claim responsibility for such breech? Will no one com upfront and admit that it is their fault. Karachi, which is so under MQM influence, where MQM has amazing intelligence network, couldn’t see it coming? Why doesn’t Governor Sindh resign? Why doesn’t he admit that it was under their reign something this serious has happened and they should stop taking government’s money when they are not able to perform their duties. Or maybe they are just there to fill their pockets with people’s money! 

Some questions that need answers and that raise concerns:

1. Why is Nawaz Sharief so dying to go and having ties with India when clearly Indian weapons and injections were found with the terrorists? Indians haven’t stopped blaming and accusing Pakistan for Mumbai attacks, so why are we so dying to have soft policy where we should be dealing things with iron hand?

2. When we have earlier faced attacks like that of Mehran base, why didn’t anyone make extra security efforts? 

3. When soldiers were killed in Salala camp, when US took Ben Laden from Abbotabad, when India blames Pakistan for Mumbai attacks, why doesn’t army reply to any of it? Why can’t you stop drone attacks? Why do they always think that operation is the key solution where clearly it is not! I don’t even think that all these people heading the institutions of Intelligence, security forces and others are all uneducated lot as are our Prime Minister and Presidents. How can they make things right when they don’t understand them!

4. Stop congratulating each other and ask yourself, why did we let it happen in the first place? Why did it ever came to this point? Why couldn’t we stop it even before they entered the airport premises. 

I’m just so angry right now! Khel samjha hua hai mulk ko! arghhhhhh!

“na samjho ge tu mit jaoge aye Pakistan* walo
tumhari dastaan bhi na hogi dastaanon mein”

*Hindustan is the actual word here

Election Pakistan 2013

The most anticipated event of this year were the elections that were to be held in Pakistan for the formation of the new government. Last five years were hell for all Pakistanis and today was the day when they thought that they will bring about the change in this system. 

Today, Karachiites were heart broken (including myself) as the only party that had the courage to stand up to the atrocities of MQM boycotted the election. Yes, I am talking about Jamat-e-Islami because ANP and PPP have always formed an alliance with MQM. The rigging and the manhandling of staff and most of all, there are two polling stations in Karachi where people have been standing since morning and no one is there. So polling has not yet started! 

The worst part is that Supreme Court ordered checking of voters’ list in Karachi under Army, Pakistan Army didn’t do anything. Even today Election Commission of Pakistan has turned a blind eye over the rigging and complaints and moreover Army is nowhere to be seen. In a city like Karachi where people have been abducted, mass rigging is going on, female presiding officers are manhandled and candidates have been murdered by MQM, Army decided to stand on the sidelines and thought the show must go on without them interrupting anything. Well done Kiyani! Well done Pakistani Army! We are so proud of you! You always have the best interest of Pakistani people at heart! It’s high time that the people of Karachi should stand up to these stupid MQM people, who are crying out loud that it is them who were manhandled and their people who were not allowed to cast votes whereas, the whole city is crying out that they are forcing us to vote for KITE at gunpoint! 

I’m soo heart broken, so sad, and on the verge of tears that MQM is going to get majority seats again! This city will go through hell again and this time around I don’t think that we’ll be able to tolerate it! We’ll go bonkers if we have not already gone bonkers! 

jeay bhutto! :P

The day Benazir Bhutto was assassinated marked one of the darkest days in recent years in Pakistan. The whole Pakistan bled that day, people couldn’t reach home from offices, the buses, trucks, cars were attacked. The trains, the banks etc., all came under attack. Who were these people? Were they really in love with Benazir or were they the anarchists who were waiting for the signal (“as soon as she is killed, torch the country!”) to turn the country upside down. All of us know that the armed forces could have easily put the situation to right, where were they that day? Drinking to the dead Bhutto?

Today! It all came back to me. The horrific details of that day! Public property being the victim like always. And again the armed forces were only protecting the US embassy. Thumbs up Army! You are the best! Army has lost all the respect that it once had in the eyes of people, I wonder what they want to do with this country. I wonder what all of us want to do with this country. I’m no sure if this is the only way one can protest against the blasphemous movie. I don’t know, I think I’m one of those conspiracy theorists, who thinks that all of this is happening because “some people” want this to happen. Add your own men to the protesters, add a little glitz and glamour to the whole spectacle and we’d never get named! I’m just soo clogged up right now that I don’t know what to write on this anymore. When the Muslims were in power long long time ago, nobody dared to say a word against the Prophet (pbuh), not only that no one dared maltreat a Muslim for the fear what might be his demise. Now! Now… *sigh*

Anyway, today on the streets we saw rage against US, rage against the government, it’s funny and very ironic that when it would come to elections, these very people would chose all these corrupt leaders all over again forgetting that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that a momin doesn’t get bitten from the same hole twice.

jeay bhutto!


“Mamma! Amootu.. Mamma! Amootu!”
It took me a few seconds to realize that he was referring to the Du’a of going to bed. It was an amazing feeling. This was a week ago. Today, it was “hasanatan” and “zidni” from two separate Du’as. I have no idea how to thank Allah for giving me this privilege of actually seeing him say all this.

I guess kids his age are like a mirror, reflecting you in the best possible way. Two days ago he was standing on his chair in the kitchen, saying, “chamcha nahin lo. marongi!”

And when we’re mad at him, he’d make the cutest faces that just wipes away the anger and we’d just want to hold him and hug him and shower him with kisses. And trust me when I say that he’s not distracted easily. Time and again we see how people tell us that don’t use the word “No” too much in front of your kids, distract them but it doesn’t always work and you’re forced to say (or most of the time yell), “NO!!!”

Anyway, with all the bitterness and harshness and bad things in the world, there sure is these sweet things which make life bearable and add beauty to it!

 Wealth and children are the adornment of the life of this world. But the good righteous deeds, that last, are better with your Lord for rewards and better in respect of hope. (Surah Al-Kahf, Verse no. 46)