An Open Letter To the Leaders of the Muslim World

Past couple of weeks have been quite heart wrenching as the news from Al Quds, Sheikh Jarrah and Gaza keeps coming in. The Israeli assault over the unarmed and innocent Palestinians is not only shattering the hearts of Muslims around the world but also raising a question on the very role of the leaders of all the Muslim countries around the world.

The Muslim leaders called for OIC and then they even called press conferences and sent out press releases where they condemned the heinous acts of the apartheid state of Israel. That, indeed, must have sent the message to their own people, that yes, they do side with the Palestinians but the big question is: Is this act enough?

President Arif Alvi reportedly said that since the Muslim nations are weak, their voice has no power in the international realm. Prime Minister has sent medicines and COVID relief meds to Palestine. Saudi Arabia has condemned the whole act. Turkey is saying we will do something and strongly condemned the attack. Egypt is silent. Qatar has deported the ambassador of Israel . UAE has blamed Hamas for the whole affair because it retaliated with their homemade rockets when Israeli forces used stun grenades and F-16s and white phosphorus bombs on the innocent civilians of Palestine. Kuwait said that they will imprison anyone who said that they support Israel.

One wonders that if the condemnation is the only thing that they can do? What are we (the masses) supposed to do then? The masses are doing the same, condemning and holding rallies to stand up for their brothers in these tested times.

The Question is : where is the best intelligence agency of the world? Where is the best army of the world?! Where is the commander of the United Muslim Army of the world? What are these so-called armies of the world protecting when their brothers, sisters and children in Islam need them the most? The leaders turn a blind eye to the atrocities does by the Zionist regime of the Jews and think that they have nothing to do with the whole situation? Was the whole Muslim block army made just for fun and play and was to be used just against the Muslims?

Leaders of the Muslim World, have you not read in the Quran, Allah say in Surah an-nisa (ayat 75-76):

  1. And what is wrong with you that you
    fight not in the Cause of Allāh, and for
    those weak, ill‑treated, and oppressed
    among men, women, and children,
    whose cry is: “Our Lord! Rescue
    us from this town whose people are
    oppressors; and raise for us, from You,
    one who will protect, and raise for us,
    from You, one who will help.”
  2. Those who believe, fight in the Cause
    of Allāh, and those who disbelieve,
    fight in the cause of Ṭāghūt (Satan)(1).
    So fight you against the friends of
    Shaiṭān (Satan). Ever feeble indeed is
    the plot of Shaiṭān (Satan).

These are the kinds of leaders or the heads of the states of the Muslim Ummah. The state of affairs is in the hands of those who are not capable of providing Muslims some self respect. We are put to shame by them and we are embarrassed, as the people, that we cannot do much physically. The Muslim Leaders and the ulema of the Muslim countries have failed the people of Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Rohingya , Muslims of China, Kashmir, Bosnia, etc. They believe in the jihad that you can do by your words, by pen by your character or by just praying five times a day.

Doesn’t Quran say in Surah At-Tauba (ayat 19-20) :

Do you consider the providing of
drinking water for the pilgrims
and the maintenance of Al‑Masjid
al‑Ḥarām (in Makkah) as equal to
the one who believes in Allāh and
the Last Day, and strives hard and
fights in the Cause of Allāh? They
are not equal before Allāh. And
Allāh guides not those people who
are the Ẓālimūn (polytheists and
). Those who believed (in the Oneness
of Allāh — Islāmic Monotheism) and
emigrated and strove hard and fought
in Allāh’s Cause with their wealth and their lives are far higher in degree with Allāh. They are the successful.

Do Kings, Prime Ministers, Presidents and the Ulemas of the Muslim nations think that the kind violence, bloodshed, genocide that has been going on around the world only on Muslims can be waived off by providing a soft image of Islam?! Do they think the Ayaat of the Quran deem invalid (Astaghfirullah) in today’s world?! Do they think that they will not be tested like Muslims before them ? Quran says in Surah Al-ankabot (verse 2-6):

Do people think that they will be left
alone because they say: “We believe,”
and will not be tested?

  1. And We indeed tested those who were
    before them. And Allāh will certainly
    make (it) known (the truth of) those
    who are true, and will certainly make
    (it) known (the falsehood of) those
    who are liars, (although Allāh knows
    all that before putting them to test).
  2. Or think those who do evil deeds that
    they can outstrip Us (i.e. escape Our
    punishment)? Evil is that which they
  3. Whoever hopes for the Meeting(1) with
    Allāh, then Allāh’s Term is surely
    coming and He is the All‑Hearer, the
  4. And whosoever strives, he strives
    only for himself. Verily, Allāh stands
    not in need of any of the ‘Ālamīn
    (mankind, jinn, and all that exists)

Whatever that is happening in Gaza, Palestine or infact any other place where Muslims are oppressed, executed and expelled just because they are Muslims, it is not a test for those people as much as it is a test for the rest of the Muslim Ummah. Do we think that we will not be questioned about what we did for the oppressed?!! The scholars were supposed to educate but they stay clear of the politics as it may tarnish their image, the ulemas just pray (whereas they should have been the one guiding the leaders of the Muslim nations as to what should the adequate response should be) and the leaders…what can I say, they just condemn. It seems as if no body is capable of doing anything and this reminds me of the beautiful hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaehi wassallam):

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) who said that the Companions were sitting with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) when a Bedouin came to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and asked him about the exact date of the Hour. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) however proceeded with his speech to the audience. Some of the audience thought that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) heard what the man said but disliked his question and some others thought that he did not hear it. When the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) finished his talk, he said: “Where is the one who asked about the date of the Hour? The man informed him of his existence. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) then said: “If the trust is betrayed and neglected, then expect the coming of the Hour”. The man further asked about the trust and how it can be wasted or betrayed. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “When the matter is entrusted to those who are unqualified to implement its duties, then wait for the Hour”

(Narrated by Al-Bukhari, Hadiths no.59, 6496)

Now is the time to act as how the sahabah acted in those times. They didn’t sit around and waited for Allah’s help. Remember Allah’s help come to those who get up and fight in His name. Allah’s help came to those 313 people, who fought against the army of thousands.Allah has promised His help to those who stand in the face of Muzlimun.

Most of the people are laid back and waiting for Imam Mehdi to.arrive and the save the Muslims from such trials and tribulations. To all those people, who are sitting and waiting, do you think you will not be questioned about what did you do when F-16s , drone missiles and massive artillery was used against your brother. If I were in his place, would I not want someone to help me. This reminds me of another hadith :

Narrated (Abdullah bin Umar): Allah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H) said,

“A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, nor should he hand him over to  an oppressor. Whoever fulfill the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfill his need; whoever brought his (Muslim) brother out of a discomfort, Allah will bring him out of the discomforts of the Day of Ressurrection, and whoever screened a Muslim, Allah will screen him on the Day of Ressurection”

– Sahih Al Bukhari (The Book of Mazalim

Narrated Anas: The Prophet (SAW) said, 

“None of you will have faith till he likes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself

Sahih Al Bukhari (The Book of Belief i.e. Faith)

The fitnah in Palestine is not as much a test for those people, they have passed the test with flying colours, it is but a test for the rest of the Muslim nations, their leaders ( both political and religious) . What strategy they have up their sleeves that will stop the genocide of the Muslims in Palestine or Burma or Kashmir or Syria etc. The world will never stand with the Muslims, the rest of the world has built up the narrative that Muslims are terrorists because, unfortunately, only a handful of people retaliate. The other are too busy bathing in their precious lifestyles to care. Non Muslims could never have dared touched a hair of a Muslim, if the Muslim had stood united against anything and everything. We still have time to think, to stand in a row and come out of our comfort zones and be what we were supposed to be, the Muslims who stand for their fellow Muslims.



The time has come again for the Prime Minister to show some ‘spine’; simce it has been so long since we last saw someone show some stature, some depth, some insight into things that needed them. The conflicts, the situations in the Muslim countries doesn’t look good at all and we wonder, being the sole nuclear power, where we stand when the poor Muslims need us in these troubled times.

The morning of the decade 2020 doesn’t seem to have a promising day ahead. The Muslims, be it in China, Myanmar, Kashmir, India, or the gulf states, are not just being marginalised and penalized for being Muslims, but are brainwashed and killed too.

Coming to the country who is dear to me like my baby, it hurts me Every time when we take bad decisions, when we make mistakes that make us look like buffoons in the international community but all I can do is just stomp my feet and fume over the stupidity of the most ‘respectable’ electables.

The recent issue of the extension of the army chief has again made everything look like a joke too. The prime minister, who once was against any extension being given to the army chief, is now making extra efforts to extend his tenure. The Prime Minister should have shown some spine and should have stuck to his decade long stance against any extension being given to anyone.

Now the question will arise about the recent escalation in the middle East; the US ‘foreign Secretary ‘ called out to Pakistan’s counterpart, General Bajwa, about the situation that they have ignited in the Muslim World now. Now it’s time for the Prime Minister to show some ‘spine ‘ and not dive into the war like Mushy did when Collin Powell called on to him.

The time of war, the time of decisions and the time to show some spine has come. The world doesn’t look good whether it is the fire in Australia, or the fire in the Middle East, third day into 2020, and we are admist bloodshed, wars, and global warming.

The Verdict!

‘If he dies before getting hanged, drag his body to ‘D’ chowk and hang him there for three days!’

The ‘note’ after the verdict said that. So yes, everyone starting going bonkers. Everyone kind of started questioning the words the judge used for the verdict. Moeed Pirzada started wailing like a baby, all others started saying that this should not have been the end of such a ‘patriotic’ leader. He is a hero and what not.

Just a few questions to those who deem him the epitome of patriotism:

1. If he was such a patriot, how could he sell his land, his military bases to US military?

2. If he was such a patriot, how could he sell people of Pakistan for US dollars?

3. If he was such a patriot how could he let American drones target tribal areas of KPK and Baluchistan?

4. If he was such a patriot, how could he let Blackwater Army roam freely around the country?

5. If he was such a patriot, how could he let US open up a fortress in Karachi in the name of US Embassy?

6. If he was such a patriot, how could he humiliated the hero of the nation, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan?

The questions are numerous. The General did not only commit crimes against his own people, his own country, the neighbouring country, he committed crimes against humanity.

He shouldn’t be charged only with treason but with murder of thousands of people, of torturing thousands of people and of human trafficking.

In my honest opinion, there is no punishment in this world that can do justice to what he did when power was entrusted to him.

Death Sentence

I think he should be hanged publicly and should remain there for several days for people to see.

‘Why do you become so cruel when it comes to him?’

I don’t know..

I put myself in Dr. Aafia’s shoes… And I can not imagine what she has had been through.

I put myself in Amna Janjua’s shoes, and I don’t know what I would feel.

I put myself in the shoes of that person, whose everything was wiped away with one drone.

I put myself in the shoes of a person who was put to shame on national tv.

I put myself in the shoes of those who died on the streets because he gave them the permission to kill.

I put myself in the shoes of those who got the blunt of ‘namaloom afraad’.

The list of crimes go on…

“You Will be Able to Marry ‘white-skinned’ Kashmiri girls Now!”

We are looking towards another genocide, and this time around the victims are Muslims of Occupied Kashmir. And no one will bat an eye because it is the MUSLIMS of Kasmir, had it been another nation, the state conferring to this would have been deemed terrorist state and the western countries would have formed an alliance to bomb that state to nothing as they did with Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Western world has always been like that when it comes to genocide against Muslims, the world that looks in retrospect at the pictures of Jews being tortured and killed by Nazis and says ‘never again’, is silent on the mass killings of Kashmiris because they are Muslims. The West and the feminist movements that go wild that the women who wear burqas are opressed and should be liberated, are silent because women in question are Muslims and from Kashmir and even if they are raped, it is okay. The double standards of the West is just ‘WOW’ when it comes to Muslims and Muslim women. We didn’t see any reaction from all those feminist movements when the BJP announced that you will now be marry ‘white-skinned’ women. Even the human right’s activists went silent on the ‘racial’ remarks.

The Muslim world has again shown how low they have stooped to when it comes to standing with your Muslim brothers. UAE says it is with India for the mass killings of the Kashmiris. The rest of the Muslim world has no voice whatsoever. They live in their little bubbles of happiness and wouldn’t really care about the rest of the Muslims. Muslims, living in Muslim countries are opressed, so we shouldn’t really be shocked any ways. This episode will be written down in history as a massive failure of the Muslim ummah, where they couldn’t stop a massacre, rapes of women and children and massive ethnic cleansing. The world doesn’t stand with Syrian people, doesn’t stand with Palestine, doesn’t stand with rohingya and Chinese Muslims AND THEY WILL NOT STAND WITH KASHMIRI MUSLIMS!!! BRAVO!

The most bizarre of reactions came from the leadership of Pakistan. They talk little of Kashmir. Prime Minister claimed a few weeks back that U.S. has agreed to be a third party in solving of Kashmir issue and yet this happens after a few days! The news is filled with racial slurs of party leaders against one another. OIC has not been called yet! Even the role of OIC has been compromised since they called in India as a guest in the previous session. Will OIC now intervene in this new move of the land grabbing act of India. What we see is the same old attitude of the politicians, hurling insults at one another and showing not a single speck of seriousness.

This is just heart breaking that no one really cares!

The Arrests!

The headlines that propped up on my Facebook newsfeed were about how absolutely amazing Imran Khan is as both Zardari, Nawaz and Altaf Hussein are in jail now. What I remember is that the political party said that they are not interfering in the judicial system… but if that was soo, how can some political party take credit for some politicians in jail. Weird though, how only ‘some’ people are in jail, how only some (read two) Generals are convicted and how just those judges, who pointed at the most prestigious institution of the country, are targeted!

The things that are marginalised in the chaos of all this mayhem, was the budget! The most weird thing is that the Prime Minister addressed the nation saying that the economy is under control and we are going in the right direction from now on. What they failed to explain was ‘how?’ They didn’t explain the need for an outsider for the position of the head of the State Bank of Pakistan. They did not throw any light on things that they have promised to the IMF.

Questions remain unanswered. The state of Madina that was promised, seems like a forgotten dream.

The World of Contradictions?!

As Pakistan is still under the threat by the war that is helicoptering upon it’s borders, the internal affairs are still very much the same. The opposition and the government are on the same page as far as the state of affairs is concerned in the International Arena. But other matters are just as horrifying at the moment.

The inflation is on the rise and the common people’s sufferings have not yet been addressed. Every day, or every other day, the government comes up with one thing or another that makes it a laughing stock or either makes me wonder if they really are serious about solving the issues or not. The recent turn of events have made us more suspicious about the actions the government is taking to actually solve the real problems of the common people.

The Punjab Assembly just passed a bill where the salaries of the ministers were increased three folds. It was not unprecedented but the reaction that came after from the Prime Minister Imran Khan seemed like a joke. He claimed that he was very disappointed by the bill. And I was wondering, is it not his government? Doesn’t he own the manifesto of the Punjab Assembly? It only means that IK has no say whatsoever in anything, people he has given seats to do not follow him nor do they beleive in his vision nor are they part of the campaign that IK started of simplicity and cutting down of expenses. It raises questions on his ability to lead, to govern and to move forward and the status of his being the harbinger of change that everyone claims him to be.

The other news that the news channels started boasting about is the fact that PIA has been cleared for it’s direct flights to US. Another credit being given to the ‘charming personality’ and the ‘corruption free’ status of IK. But what people seem to be missing out are the news items that became the headlines; the one where US senator talked about the joint military actions, and then the US Army saying that Pakistan has been cooperating with us for the past 8 months the way it never has supported us in the past 18 years! This not only raises questions on the role of Pakistan in the region but what services are being provided to the US Army and what assistance has been provided to US but also what are we getting in return. Is it something like what Musharraf did with the US that not only provided with air bases to them but also welcomed terrorist organizations like Blackwater to work in the country! These are serious concerns. I hope we get answers soon before the damage done is irreparable.

Let us see where we end up in a few days… The future seems bleak to me…

Maya Pakistan has started to haunt me now!

The Mess

The mess that started a few days ago has long lasting impact on the mind of those who can actually think and see far better than those who can not see beyond the heroism of one man. Anyway, Pakistan was attacked earlier this week by Indian forces. Indian Airforce claimed that it killed around 300 militants in Pakistan, whereas, only trees were destroyed in the Balakot area. The whole International media took it as if nothing has happened and that Pakistan is the country that harbours militants and should be treated as a country any one can go to and drop their missiles and bombs. This is what has been going on since 9/11, since Musharraf gave a green signal to the US to use Pakistani soil and to bomb it via drones or missiles whenever they want. The mess that we have harboured in the name of ‘war against terrorism’!

Musharraf has made a huge mistake handing over our bases to US and handing over a Muslim country to US over a phone call. Not only that he gave them permission to attack our people living near Durand line because these people were closely related to the Afghanis across the border. The drones killed innocent civillians more than it killed militants. Anyway, the point is, when a free ticket was given to one country to attack our people, without any proof, that they were terrorists, not only made the world believe that we were harbouring terrorists and have camps in our country that anyone, anywhere in the world has a free ticket to bomb! The most perfect Intelligence Agency had let the US come in till Abbotabad and allegedly took OBL from there and did nothing to stop it or condemn it. Anyway, my point is when you let one country in your borders and let them play dirty, how will you stop your arch rival from doing the same when they claim that you are fuelling terrorism in their country.

International media will never see the picture in objectivity as it does not sell. Muslims will always be a white man’s burden and they will continue to be portrayed as the real evil in this world, no matter how many atrocities the Hindu extremists would do against the Muslims in Kashmir, Jammu or Gujrat. Because, as Muhammad Asad puts it, the hatred for Muslims that the West harbour in their hearts,brains and DNAs dates back to the times of the first Crusades and they can never detach themselves from it. That is why the International community and media stood and sympathized with the Indians even when they escalated the Pulwama incident, knowing fully well, that Pakistan was not involved!

The only reaction that came from the International community was after the MIG 21 aircraft of the Indian Air force was shot down. And that be asking for restraint from the Pakistani side. Not a single newspaper of any country, blamed India for escalating the tensions between the two countries. This, not only showed the bias of the International Community but also that no matter how much a Muslim country is their ally, a non-muslim country will always be a more favoured nation. And since Musharraf had always submitted in front of the US and NATO forces when they attacked the tribal belt, everyone was made to believe that Pakistan has terrorist elements.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan, announced the release of the Indian Pilot caught the next day calling it a ‘gesture of peace!’ The immaturity of the decision cannot be measured by any yardstick! Pakistan had an upper hand and what Pakistan could have done was that at least,should have involved a third party and diplomatic corridors should have been used. The whole world was all praises for the Prime Minister but this International Community did not question Indian action in any way. They did not push, nor tried to de-escalate the situation as was. No international pressure was exerted on India whatsoever. Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister failed miserably in calling out to friends, and allies alike to diffuse the situation. Pakistan, has foolishly, believed that India would take it as a gesture of goodwill whereas, if we look at the history of India, be it BJP or Congress, they have always been anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim and never have taken Pakistan’s peace gestures as a joke. A treaty, a third party involvement, could have reaped not only better results but would have at least put things on the table, even Pulwama incident. It could have brought forward the Kashmir issue, and other issues too and case could have been made in front of the International community that Pakistan is willing to take things forward and not down the hill.

One of the blunders that could have been avoided by the Prime Minister was the blunder of waiting for three days ,after Pulwama accusations made by the Indians, before replying. He should at least would have taken that very opportunity of MBS and should have asked them to mediate between them and the Indians; and like the foreign Secretary of KSA said that we will try to diffuse the situation between the two countries, this opportunity should have been availed there and then. A third party should have been called in as soon as the accusation was made and shouldn’t have been waited on!

India, will never sit quietly with this humiliation of two jets being shot down by Pakistan. Things will not die down. The role of UN, US and other countries is pathetic on the whole scenario. I hope better sense would prevail and we avoid a war because this war will bring such destruction that is beyond anyone’s imagination.

War Mongering

Have you ever seen the footage of the people living under siege, of people living in war zones. Have you ever met the people who have fled war zones? Have you ever listened to the horrors of what they went through trying to flee those areas? Have you heard them telling you that their loved ones are left behind? Have you seen the dead bodies washed ashore trying to flee the war zones? Have you seen the pictures of crippled people who were bombed, attacked and were shelled?

War is never going to bring peace! Modern warfare is soo different from one to one combat! It is one missile doing soo much damage that we will not be able to fathom the result it will reap. Be it Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria, have we not learnt enough already to plunge our self in a mess that can not be cleared up even after decades!

Having said all that, I am of the opinion that we should not let these war mongers have their way. We should answer them in a way that they should never try do that again! And time is of prime importance. And wars are a very serious matter and should not be made fun of!