A lot has been said all around the world about 2016 to be the worst year around the internet.. and this made me thinking about how the facebook memes change our mindset or influence us in one way or the other. Surely, we did see q massacre in Syria, we lost Edhi Sahab and Junaid Jamshed but are we naive enough to let go of all the blessings Allah has showered upon us during this year to be sabotaged  by a few unfortunate events?

Let us just take a moment and thank our Lord for everything.



Something happened that made me wonder; we live in our own little bubbles. We, in this age of global village , live lives as if we are all islands, disconnected, not effected and certainly not moved by whatever that is happening outside the boundaries of our little homes. We talk about change, and “tsunamis” and “revolution” yet we are not willing to sacrifice even our time to the very cause we think we believe in. Or are we?

I’m saying all this because this is exactly what is happening in our society. Whatever that is happening in Waziristan right now, or districts of Lyari in Karachi, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, or Palestine, how does it effect us? Do we think about them for more than two seconds? Do we even care about them more than posting a picture of it, or updating our status about it on facebook? Does it effect our lives in anyway? I don’t think so. We keep on living our lives the way we are living them, full of distractions and entertainment and we think we can bring a revolution without sacrificing our lives, careers, luxurious lifestyles just by clicking and wasting away in front of our laptop screens. We are not willing to do more than that and we believe we are doing sooo much.

Revolution, change and every word related to it looks nice and everything but the reality is much more brutal. The situation in our homeland and in the Muslim world is almost out of control. We have people who would sacrifice their lives for their leaders, but they will not unite under the one banner of Pakistan, let alone Islam. We should be ashamed of ourselves for not even feeling a pang in our hearts for those who are dying in streets everyday by stray bullets, target killers or by drones. How can we feel for the Muslims of other countries when we don’t care about the people who live around the corner from our own houses.

Do we feel for the kids that die in Waziristan by drones? Or the families that are lost in that beautiful valley of Swat? Or those who are a target in Karachi? Or any other part of Pakistan? If not how are we supposed to call ourselves alive when we are no better than the dead.


“Mamma! Amootu.. Mamma! Amootu!”
It took me a few seconds to realize that he was referring to the Du’a of going to bed. It was an amazing feeling. This was a week ago. Today, it was “hasanatan” and “zidni” from two separate Du’as. I have no idea how to thank Allah for giving me this privilege of actually seeing him say all this.

I guess kids his age are like a mirror, reflecting you in the best possible way. Two days ago he was standing on his chair in the kitchen, saying, “chamcha nahin lo. marongi!”

And when we’re mad at him, he’d make the cutest faces that just wipes away the anger and we’d just want to hold him and hug him and shower him with kisses. And trust me when I say that he’s not distracted easily. Time and again we see how people tell us that don’t use the word “No” too much in front of your kids, distract them but it doesn’t always work and you’re forced to say (or most of the time yell), “NO!!!”

Anyway, with all the bitterness and harshness and bad things in the world, there sure is these sweet things which make life bearable and add beauty to it!

 Wealth and children are the adornment of the life of this world. But the good righteous deeds, that last, are better with your Lord for rewards and better in respect of hope. (Surah Al-Kahf, Verse no. 46)

On Parenting

It’s been a long time since I have written anything here and now I’m wondering what to write and where to start. Hmmm… lets see… Dawood is now one and a half years old mashAllah and is the cutest thing on earth. I know I’m his mom and I know that I can’t be partial on that. But really, the way he speaks, smiles, eats, sleep and says, “mamma”, and not to mention he even says, “Allahu akbar Allah”. MashaAllah. I have realized in this short/long time that whatever that is I do, he will repeat or he’d want to repeat all those actions- everything. And that puts a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders because here you’d see that you just can’t ask him to do anything until you show him to do it. If you throw trash in the dustbin, he’d do exactly that, if you clean the surface after something’s spilled on it, he’d wipe the surface too after spilling water deliberately there. And I have to hide the broom in a new place every time I use it, because he wants to clean the house all the time. And yes, as soon as you have prayer mat ready, he’d come first and do sujud and sit there moving his fingers up and down and then get distracted and then come back after sometime and then do the same. And the most amazing thing is when he knows that I have finished my prayer, he’d sit on my lap and point in the direction of Quran and would ask me read it aloud to him. Sometimes, he sits there until I’ve finished reading and sometimes he’d just go and play but as soon as I finish reading it, he’d want to come and kiss it as he sees me doing the same. And all this has made me realize that I have to give up soo many of my bad habits just to make sure that I don’t transfer them consciously or unconsciously into the next generation. It’s not an easy job to raise a child and you can never do it on your own and for this I think we need to pray continuously as we can never be perfect and we will make mistakes and there’s only One Being which is perfect in every sense of the word, and loves us so much that He will forgive us if we have true intentions and have faith in Him.

The other thing I was wondering was the school system. In Pakistan, parents wake their two and a half year old kids early in the morning for school. But how many parents would wake even their teenagers for fajr prayers as religiously, as they wake them up for school or college. How many of us realize that we have prioritize school or other things over namaz for our kids since their childhood, since their toddler-hood! I’m thinking too much on these lines these days, maybe because of Dawood. Anyway, I was just wondering what was the educational system before the colonial system took over. There were medressahs and belief and Truth was the basis of educational system. Do we want nursery rhymes and fantasies to be the basis of our educational system? I’m thinking of homeschooling Dawood for the first few years atleast inshAllah if Allah gives me enough strength.

I know the post is filled with too many things jumbled up together. Almost 2 am. Finally I had time to write something. Naeema, khush ho jao!

Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinn and men) deny?

I read this short passage yesterday in the Urdu magazine, “Saathi” and it moved me to tears. Though I am not an expert at translation, and I don’t think that the translation that I’d do would do justice to the effect that it produced upon me, I’d write it in urdu.

“کسی نے بو   علی سینا سے پوچہا۔ ‘سناوَ دن کیسے گزر رہے ہیں؟’۔
رو پڑے اور جواب دیا۔’
‘اللّھ کی رحمتیں گناہگار یہونے کے باوجود لگاتار مجھ پر برس رہی ہیں۔ سمجھ نہیں آتا کہ میں کس بات پر اس کا شکر ادا کروں۔ کثرت نعمت پر یا اپنے بے انداذہ عیبوں کی پردہ پوشی پر۔”

I was reading this and I couldn’t control the flow of tears from my own eyes because this made me realize how many blessings Allah Ta’ala has showered upon me and yet I fail to thank Him the way it should be done. Not only that, I failed to even realize how much He has given to me and I have been so arrogant to acknowledge His love, His Rehmahs, and His Nemats. I have been sooo blind and soo shallow.

I’m sharing all this because I know this depression and this shadow of sorrow that engulfs me every now and then, someone out there must have been feeling the same way and since it was by Allah’s Grace that I have read the passage in the troubling times and He made me realize how stupid I have been. Might as well, someone might as well gain from it as I have gained from it.

And He is the most Forgiving, and I pray that He forgives me. Ameen.

“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest”

Why I Didn’t Want The Pakistani Team To Win

I wished and prayed with all my heart that Pakistan should win But there was this rational side of me which didn’t want the Pakistani Team to win today. And you might be wondering why… Well the answer is easy: the whole prediction business! I mean all the energy was consumed in calling all those astronomers and fortune tellers on the TV shows and the poor parrots dying because he predicted that Pakistan will win!

All I want to say is, I read this Hadeeth in Sahih Bukhari. I don’t have the book right now with me, or else I would have given the reference. When it rained before the battle of Badr, there were Muslims amoung the lines who said that such and such star appeared at such time that is why it rained, the Prophet (SAW) said that these people have committed shirk because they believed in the movements of stars as they did not say that it is Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala who sends down rain from the skies.

Many people would say that we don’t believe in such things but what is the harm in listening to all this or reading zodiac signs and stuff. The thing is when people get desperate and they cannot see a possible solution to their problems, then they fall prey to such things as these start to give them hope instead of Faith in Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala. And not only that there are people out there who easily fall prey to such things as their eimaan is not that strong, if Pakistan would have won the match, all these people would have easily switched their eimaan and that be without even knowing that it is gone.

One other thing that was shocking to me was what I saw on the recorded programs today. One was that of Jawed Chaudhry, in which he was talking to all these fortune tellers as if they hold an important position in the whole affair. I mean I had respect for him earlier but now… The second program that was quite disturbing for a person like me was “har lamha Purjosh”. The infamous Dr. Liaqat Hussain was sitting on the same panel as that of the fortune tellers. Now this is something that one can call subliminal message being passed out on to the general public. Dr. Hussain’s presence there legitimatized the fortune telling business and the astronomy for a lot of people who have weak faith. And there is a huge viewership of Dr. Hussain, to all those people who follow him blindly, this message has been passed out onto them that it is okay to follow all these predictions, and the astronomy business. These are not mere coincidences that these programs were held and these fortune- telling- people were given so much importance in recent programs and shows.

This only shows how the media is playing with the faith and eimaan of the people. I do not watch these programs, it was a mere coincidence that my husband was watching them and I sat down to see what was happening, and this is what I was shocked to see. Many of you would say that whatever, we don’t believe it and all but there are kids, youngsters watching these programs, their minds are easy to mold, so this is alarming and shouldn’t be taken lightly!

But who am I kidding? If our media was soo responsible, it wouldn’t have promoted all the bad things in our society!


It’s been a long time and I can’t find time to write anything. This post will also be about random things, if at one place I’ll be talking about east the next moment west will be the center of my attention. anyway…





The pack of red hot dry peppers that I have holds the caption : Red Peppers (Extra Hot) and the Urdu version says “garam surkh mirch”. PLEASE… “hot” is not always “garam”… Thinking of translation theory and how all of us think that everything can be translated as it is in one langguage. It’s not always correct. I remember someone asking me if the translated version of  “ghar kitna le jatay hain” is :take home how much… and I was going bonkers. Please always remember it is not necessary to use a foreign language when you are chatting away with friends or family. It’s better to use your own tongue. I know there are issues too in that but atleast you’d be writing your thoughts correctly and not something which the other person might not understand!




Wikileaks! What’s the big deal? Don’t we already know about all those things?! My husband watches all the political talk shows online and trust me while he was watching them showing all those politicians having a cat fight over this, I was thinking; is the general public mad or something for actually voting them to be the leaders of our country who cannot even hold a discussion without fighting! But then is it us who make them our leaders?




Hajj Corruption! Oh please! kuch tu rehne dete! The people in power make mistakes but some mistakes cost them their lives, their seats and their position in their country! It might as well be that this mistake would take this government down really bad!




MMA ki bahali? Well if that’s the case, then jamat-e-islami would be putting it’s hand inside the hole of the snake for the second time! And snakes just don’t make friends! They BITE! Hope this doesn’t happen!




Homeschooling: I know my baby is just four months old but still if I want to home-school him I’d have to prepare myself from now. I seriously need to email TZ for that! Anyway, the thing is the system being taught in our schools is not what we shoudl be teaching our kids being Muslims. We shouldn’t take dictation from the West as to how to teach my kid whatever that they want to teach him, or in what way would they want to teach him! I remember reading somewhere that Maulana Maududi has worked alot upon it and has written a book on it! I’d love to get my hands over it!

Even if I’d send my kid to some school, I would know what to do with him at home when he has returned from the institution!



Household chores and Dawood! I just have one baby right now and still my chores are never complete by the end of the day! I wonder how my mum did it with all of us!