Words Fail Us

A mother loses a child in her womb.

A mother loses her baby in her lap.

A mother loses her toddler.

A mother loses her teenage son.

Have you seen those dead bodies, crying mothers, wailing fathers and shocked kids. Will they ever get over the trauma they are facing every day. My heart goes out there for everyone suffering from the far east to the middle… But the atrocities that human beings are capable of just leaves you dumbstruck… Out of words…


Al Ghutah

And when I see the pictures of Syrian children ridden by bombs, missiles and debri

And when I see them smitten with fear, hunger and death

I look around at my own children, their happiness and laughter

What have I done to deserve food on my table

What have I done to deserve life that I live

And yet I complain, and cry over little things in life