I’ve been wondering lately about why should I write here. Everything that I write is personal- feelings, thoughts, ideas etc. Why is there a  need to pour out my innermost feelings?! And I am still thinking. But most important of all the questions : What’s the purpose behind everything that I do?! Are all my actions and thoughts generated by one purpose in life?! What should be the central purpose for my existence?! Whatever that is I’m doing, is it for my own flesh’s gratification?!

And I found myself divided. I realised I have multiple personality disorder. On one hand I crave for worldly pleasures and on the other I want to be closer to that One Being. All my actions, thoughts, deeds and intentions are not directed towards the attainment of love of that One Being. And I realised how shallow I have become.

So, why am I writing this? Because maybe someone who’d read this might probably think on the same lines and maybe some good might come out of that.