jeay bhutto! :P

The day Benazir Bhutto was assassinated marked one of the darkest days in recent years in Pakistan. The whole Pakistan bled that day, people couldn’t reach home from offices, the buses, trucks, cars were attacked. The trains, the banks etc., all came under attack. Who were these people? Were they really in love with Benazir or were they the anarchists who were waiting for the signal (“as soon as she is killed, torch the country!”) to turn the country upside down. All of us know that the armed forces could have easily put the situation to right, where were they that day? Drinking to the dead Bhutto?

Today! It all came back to me. The horrific details of that day! Public property being the victim like always. And again the armed forces were only protecting the US embassy. Thumbs up Army! You are the best! Army has lost all the respect that it once had in the eyes of people, I wonder what they want to do with this country. I wonder what all of us want to do with this country. I’m no sure if this is the only way one can protest against the blasphemous movie. I don’t know, I think I’m one of those conspiracy theorists, who thinks that all of this is happening because “some people” want this to happen. Add your own men to the protesters, add a little glitz and glamour to the whole spectacle and we’d never get named! I’m just soo clogged up right now that I don’t know what to write on this anymore. When the Muslims were in power long long time ago, nobody dared to say a word against the Prophet (pbuh), not only that no one dared maltreat a Muslim for the fear what might be his demise. Now! Now… *sigh*

Anyway, today on the streets we saw rage against US, rage against the government, it’s funny and very ironic that when it would come to elections, these very people would chose all these corrupt leaders all over again forgetting that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that a momin doesn’t get bitten from the same hole twice.

jeay bhutto!



Freedom? What is freedom? What is freedom of expression? Are these terms relative? Do they have different meaning for some people, and different for others? How do you define terms that men have made soo complicated just so that they can get whatever they want? Which definition would you want to adapt yourself to? The classic version? The modern or the Post modern version? Soo many versions of just a simple question or is it just a simple question?

Anyway, so what is obscenity? The definition again would come under heavy discussion as to what really is obscenity. The trouble with our media and our so-called liberals is that they have become so much delusional and are suffering from such critical identity crisis that they have forgotten that we do not have to exhaust ourselves into the debate of what is allowed and what is not.

Whatever that is happening today around the world and in Pakistan, it just breaks my heart. We see people around us who would talk about how we shouldn’t have law of blasphemy in Pakistan and how it is cruel and everything and it is sad that the very people would not open their lips about the cartoonists and the movie makers who think they have every right to do whatever they are doing. Such hypocrisy. Do these people think that we should remove this very law and put those blasphemous cartoons and movies on a show for the people of Pakistan( in the name of freedom of expression, of course). Instead we should have a law to put people on trial who say a word against the¬†Holocaust, Europe has it, why not us.

It is ironic that though we live in the Post modern world, the boundaries have become more distinct when we put people into categories, specially Muslims. The fundamentalists, or the liberals and the middle section that was there some decades back, has become extinct. Whatever that is happening around us, either good or bad or in that grey area, is what is shaping us inside out. If we feel for Muslims around us,or if we don’t care what’s happening, every moment, every day, every event, everything is effecting us in so many different ways that we are either ending up becoming “the liberals” or the “fundamentalists”.

It’s been 11 years since 9/11 and since then thousands of innocent civilians, women and children have lost their lives in the name of the freedom that the US deludes itself in practicing. What kind of freedom have they provided to the people of Afghanistan, or Iraq? Freedom from this world perhaps.