The Royal Visit

Oh my! From where should I start? There are soon many thoughts in my mind right now that I don’t think I’ll be able to organize them on paper (digital paper that is)!

Anyway, the whole affair, is given soo much attention, so much details that it makes one think if the whole thing is actually real? I mean how can one go out of his means and back on his words and everything that he stands for just because a royal person is coming. Maybe, it is all because money makes the world go round!

Anyway, when the royal plane entered the Pakistani airspace, the PAF’s F-16 fighter pilots gave it a royal protocol, I am sure that a country whose whole economy is drowned and is in jeopardy, could have afforded it. The whole of Capital was shut down, I am sure we are a nation that could have afforded it! The whole of Ex-PM house or a University( still don’t know what it really is) was refurbished, given a face lift, made fit for the Royal Prince. I wonder where that money came from?! The shahana protocol seems as if we are a very rich nation and would welcome all our guests like that but hey!money makes the world go round! We would sell our self and our self respect for money. The other details just leave the mind of a very stupid person like me bonkers. Sadgi and simplicity gone down the drain!

The most respected Prime Minister saved fifty bucks of the chauffeur by driving the car himself!


What’s In For Us…

The Prime Minister has gone back on his words of not taking loans soo many times that people are either mocking him or blindly supporting his way of doing things. I agree with the previous views of IK that no one would give you money because they like you. There are terms and conditions that make you their slaves when you ask for money.

The other day, IK’s advisor said that it is only because that the Prime Minister is an honest man that the world is coming in to invest in Pakistan. Like seriously ?! Are they that naive?? The colonists invested their interests not in the people who were loyal to their tribes, people or country but in those who were loyal to them. A lot of questions have been raised in the recent money and financial and business investments that are being done in Pakistan. Are they all for the benefit of Pakistan and local people? Only time will tell as CPEC has not yet done anything for the local people of the Makran Coast.

Recently, the information minister said that they will crack down any extremist propaganda on social media against the government. Does that mean that we are living under the dictatorial regime? Why is there such hush hush about the terms and conditions on which IMF and rest of the world’s bailout package for Pakistan??

I don’t know about the rest of you, but all this is very unsettling for me… There is always more to it than what seems and the facade may paint a rosy picture for us all but the molded interior will soon eat up its beauty.

The Blame Game Continues

The incomplete JIT report is here and it confirms that the driver,’Zeeshan’, was a terrorist. The so called ‘operation’ was done on the information provided by the Intelligence Agencies! The Operation was done in such a professional way that they opened fire at the car after hitting the car and the car stopped. Then they took out minor children and opened fire again and then left the children at a petrol station. Wow!

I mean it is the same old Pakistan not the ‘Naya Pakistan’ as it was claimed to be by the C.M. Buzdar or Chauhaan or F. Chaudhary! The CTD officers, who carried out the so-called operation, will be tried under the section 320 and the I.G being transferred or dismissed. How can the higher officials roam around freely like that. Is this how an organisations carry out ‘operations’… what is this non-sense?! Why weren’t any arrests made? Why was there a need to open fire at point blank? If it really was an operation, where was the backup team? Who was giving instructions from the headquarters? Which intelligence agency was involved? Who gave the orders? Why didn’t they secure the area?

The whole JIT is questionable! This is the same game which the previous governments played! This has soo many loopholes that the whole report seems a joke. The same cover-up games so that the people responsible can get away and the aam awaam can be fooled!!!

Or is this a going to be the catalyst to extend the military court’s time period. Just like Swat flogging incident that triggered Swat operation! It seems to be a part of a bigger plan; a plan that will trigger other operations.. a plan that can ensure that we do need military courts, we need jojnt military action plans, a plan that US can again infiltrate and do what they did durjng Musharraf’s era. I still have this strong feeling that the US delegation that came and said that PM Imran Khan has been right all alond and we need to go for joint military operations has something to do with this incident! Only time will tell…

All of us had soo many expectations from.this government and yet it has failed us in such a short span of time. This incident will always be marked as the lowest point of the current government as not only they failed to point at the culprits, but also provided leverage to them!

What ‘tabdeeli’?!

Sahiwal massacre has left it’s marks deep upon my soul. I still can not fathom the fact that the killers are still at large. The Prime Minister has said that after he returns from Qatar, he will give ‘exemplary punishment’ to those involved and will bring reforms in thr Police Department. The Law Minister still claims that the driver that was killed was a terrorist and the family was ‘collateral damage’.

There are a numbers of questions raised with the incident that need to be addressed and Prime Minister thought that Qatar visit is of prime importance rather than providing justice to those who were murdered brutally in cold blood. The Prime Minister has waited this long to bring reforms in the Police Department! The DPO Pakpatan was transferred within a night when he stopped the car of an influential person, the IG was dismissed in a matter of seconds. The rhetoric continues sadly that some people are definitely more equal than the others. Providing justice to the victims of the families is of no importance, but meeting with the U.S. senator was more important. Sadly, we are all standing where we were… not soo much of ‘tabdeeli’ in the way we deal with things.

So the U.S delegation came to meet the Prime Minister and later in the press conference said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was always right ,(smirk) providing the so much celebrated celebrity with a lollipop and later said that we want ‘joint military operations’ for making Afghanistan a better place! The choice of words still resonate in my ears as the Prime Minister said that we will not be used as ‘hired guns’ but perhaps as ‘coalition partners’. The whole Musharraf era is literally playing at thr back of my mind. The whole debate of military court’s extension debate seems to be a part of this whole larger picture which has started to show it’s true colours. The way CTD executed the whole Sahiwal incident, this is how military exectues mist of it’s operations too. We only hear the ISPR’s side of the story, where is the rest of the picture. Only a fool will believe everything they say.

It is not the start of a new era, it is just how history repeats itself…


My taya( father’s elder brother) was shot dead 9 years ago when he tried to stop the burglars from snatching the phone away from my husband at the gates of his resident. I did not witness the exact moment as I was inside his house while he was greeting my husband. But I can not still detach myself from the exact memories of that night, I still feel these pangs of pain inside my heart whenever I recall that incident, sometimes I just sit still and recount those moments in my head. Sometimes I can not still believe that my uncle just passed away in an instant, in a second, without any goodbyes, without any last words to us, his sons and his daughters. My husband has not yet gotten over the trauma of actually seeing an old man being shot dead in span of seconds as that old man tried to stop those phone snatchers. Why am I repeating all this after soo many years…

Yesterday, the Sahiwal incident happened. The CTD people killed innocent civillians at short range and took the children from the car and left them at the petrol station! I mean what kind of CTD protocol was that?! If the car had stopped, why was there an urge to open fire at everyone and kill them all without any prior investigation as to who was sitting in the car and what was actually happening. Will those kids ever be able to out of this trauma? How can any ‘financial aid’ ever compensate for the loss of thise children. A thirteen year old girl was brutally murdered! A mother was repeatedly shot! A father was grilled with bullets! What was this? I can NOT fathom the whole thing. I am flabbergasted!!! I am shocked!!! I am devastated! I am heartbroken and I am ANGRY! The tweets of the leaders of the country are just as pathetic and provide no solace whatsoever to the grieving family or the people of Pakistan.

We do not want military courts for the same reason. We do not know how many people have the military killed in the name of all those operations that started off during the time of Musharraf. Who knows what ISPR is covering. The innocent people killed via drones, the people who were killed in Waziristan, or during Zarb-e-azb, who is responsible for even one innocent life that was taken?! We do not want military courts because we do not know if those people are terrorists or not?! Was Dr. Afia a terrorist?

We do not want military courts! Period!

May Allah protect us from the zulm of these zalimuns. Ameen.

The New World

The new government has been formed and the new setup has begun. A lot has been said and there is soo much going on and so many perspectives and soo many analysis being done everyday that one seems as if a lot will be done soon enough. Though the new government has just talked about the audit of the former government’s development projects, and still a lot of focus on the last government rather than things that will be spectacular like fireworks and wow us all. But maybe, we are expecting too much.

Anyway, what we are looking at right now is a financial crisis and I am not an expert at this; I am a lay man when it comes to financial strategies, audits, budgets and all but whatever I know doesn’t paint a good picture of the near future. I remember when Musharraf came to power and 9/11 happened, the industrialists were adamant into going with the Bush and the US because the other way round would ruin their businesses. The economic policies of Pakistan were marked by this main event too as they threatened to put sanctions if Pakistan didn’t chose a side (everyone knows how Bush said it was either ‘with us or against us’ situation). The reason I am going back to Musharraf is because since then, we have seen a very sharp decline in the industrial sector, specially the textile sector. For example, the dye industry has been eradicated from Pakistan, it has been shifted to either India or China. The garments we see in the international markets are either Indian, Bangladeshi or Chinese. Pakistani products are rarely seen in the big brands’ shop where Pakistan was a leading exporter with quality products. What Musharraf came around with has stuck to Pakistan and is still clinging on to Pakistan.  My point here is; does the new government of Pakistan know what we have lost, where are we standing, what policies the International companies have sworn us into since Mushy and how will we get out of it, where should we invest, which industry will be on the hit list(as in what will be the top priority?) and how will they go about it? These questions were not answered by the newly formed government as I was expecting so I still feel it is just talk and no work. But since the cabinet is similar to that of Mushy, we might see a facade of things being better… just my thoughts.. I might be wrong.

A lot happened during Musharraf’s era. One can not forget the Oct 8th earthquake that brought in havoc in the northern part of Pakistan. A lot of aid started pouring as soon as the rescue aid operations started. USAID and a lot of other International NGOs started working in Pakistan in the name of help to be provided to the vast mountain area that was devastated by the earthquake. A lot of aid went missing, a lot of things went unexplained. Till date we do not know on what conditions were those aid given, what sanctions were put on the economic and political front in the name of those aids. To think that the International community only gave all that money on humanitarian basis will be too naive. These questions have not been answered and have not been dealt with either by the military government nor have they been answered by the civilian governments that followed. Since the new government is plundering itself into auditing the development programs of the previous government, it is necessary to bring forward the issues, the policies, the loopholes, the man holes of the governments preceding it in order to fully know the position this country in the international scenario since US wants to quit Afghanistan as well.

The issue of the missing persons also started in the Musharraf era. Musharraf, himself has shamelessly recorded in his book, that he SOLD Pakistani men,women and children for dollars. Dr. Afia is still in US detention center and has gone through immense mental, physical and sexual abuse. This is just one case. We know Amna Janjua is still fighting to get her husband back and loads and loads of people, who have been standing there in the capital and are waiting for their loved one’s return. The matter of Dr. Afia is under Foreign Ministry but rest are unknown. Since the newly elected Prime Minister has announced that he will keep the Ministry of Internal Affairs under himself, this must be the most important issue since new cases of missing persons have come up in the last couple of months namely of Romana Hussain and Roshan bibi just on the pretext of being affiliated with Hizb-ut-tehreer. These are the cases that have come upfront,but I wonder how many cases are still under the carpet. These raise a question on the power of the government, the military and the intelligence agencies. The question here is; Why not open trials, why not open court sessions?? Why such secrecy if they are criminals??What are these Intelligence agencies so afraid of? The new government should be able to at least give one statement on this issue.

Unfortunately, the list of issues goes on and on and on. The question is, will the new government be able to answer all these questions, these core issues? Will they work on the facades or will they go deeper to tackle the core issues of this country?

Only time will tell…