Height of Insensitivity

It was the time of the second Caliph of Islam, Hazrat Umar Radiallahu anhu, when the Muslims ruled over a vast region. And that region was way bigger than Pakistan. Hazrat Umar Radiallahu anhu at that time said that even if a dog dies out of hunger near the river Euphrates, I will be accountable for it. Allah will question me about it. This was the height of sense of responsibility that he practiced and not just talked about! And once his wife made a sweet dish for him and he asked her how did you managed it, she said I have been saving little over the months, and from that savings was I able to make it. He said that means that I am getting more than I need from the Bait-ul-maal and cut short his salary because he didn’t want to wrongfully use the money of Bait-ul-maal.

Families today are committing suicides around the country because they are not able to meet ends meet! And the leaders of this country cannot even show any sensitivity towards those people. Qamar Zaman Kaira actually is advising poor people to give away their children to Bait-ul-maal! The President, Prime Minister and other ministers are not willing to give up their own fuzul se expenses and are not even ashamed of illegally gobbling away the poor people’s tax money. They call “corruption” their right! President and Prime ministers have wealth of their own, why don’t they live in their houses, why don’t they pay their own bills, why don’t they face power outages and why the hell do they get all those body guards and million dollars worth bulletproof cars out of our tax money?!  And all they could say to the poor people that give away their kids to Bait-ul-maal?! Not only this but PML-Q’s member was even recorded to have been saying that the cases of committing suicides is Allah’s will as life and death are Allah’s will and we cannot meddle with that! If that’s the case, why do these ministers have body guards and why do they travel in bullet proof cars? Why take such measures when they have soo much faith in Allah that death is haqq and if they are to die because a bullet hit their head, these bullet proof cars will not be able to save them. Why waste our money? If they cannot meddle with the matters of life and death, why even wage a war against terrorism, they shouldn’t bomb and kill people in their own country because Allah will take care of that Himself. Why meddle with it?! This is the height of insensitivity!

And I am wondering why have I referred to Hazrat Umar’s life and his way of running the state affairs when ministers can easily say that during his time, Quran was supreme but now constitution is! Astaghfirullah! And yes maybe we misunderstood her! My foot! Why is it that the CMs of this country are getting 50% more money this year for their own expenses?

This is not just the height of insensitivity, this is crossing the limit!


Rambling Thoughts

Why is US still quiet on the issue of Gaza?! (it’s a rhetorical question by the way)

Isn’t this what has been happening since the rise of Islam. Jews conspiring against Muslims in Madinah al Munawwarah during the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW and still haven’t changed! And we read in Quran that Jews and Christians can never be friends of Muslims, and Subhan Allah they have always proved themselves to be the worst enemies of Islam and Muslims.

Time and again, jews and christians have conspired against Muslims forming alliances and time and again Muslims have fallen in their traps. Muslims have always been fighting amongst themselves and though they have been taught brotherhood, that was the easiest thing they forgot. Muslims were taught to remain steadfast to their religion and to hold fast to Quran and Sunnah and that was and have always been the easiest thing to forget. We have seen through time that whether it was the fall of Baghdad or the end of Muslim rule in Spain, it was all because Muslims became corrupt and stood against one another whereas the Christians and Jews always united under one banner to wipe out Muslims from this world. Muhammad Asad said that it is from the times of first crusades that Europe still has feeling of hatred towards Muslims, it’s embedded in their genes. But I would rather say that it has been there since the birth of Islam, and about jews, since forever. Whatever that is happening in Gaza, it’s not happening for the first time, history is filled with similar events where Jews and Chritians have showered their love on Muslim Ummah!

We don’t have to go far to look at it. Just look at how Muslims were treated in the Subcontinent before partition, how Muslims were treated in Abu Ghraib prison, how Dr. Afia was treated, how they shower white phosphorus on Gaza, how they are killing people with drone attacks and how IMF has forced people to kill themselves. And the funny thing is we have not yet learned a single thing from the past. Our leaders think of themselves only just like the leaders of the Spain before it fell, or Baghdad before Tartars crushed it under their feet.

Today, we see the same situation in Muslim countries, they’d say whatever, but to actually help Muslims, they’d think of hundreds of reasons to back out! And it is only helping Christians and Jews and they treat Muslims like animals. They have united to crush muslims whether they are in Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan or wherever in this world, but Muslims are soo asleep that they cannot even unite under one flag! There’s a Hadeeth that a momin is never bitten by the same hole, but I guess we are bitten again and again by the same hole and we still want to keep ourselves buried in the same hole!