Awam tu pagal hai

Last night my father was telling us what he heard in one of the dars-e-quran that morning. The story of Hazrat Yousuf (a.s). He had been in jail for the crime he did not commit so when he was called by the King of Egypt, he first demanded that investigate the crime for which I was sent in jail. Ask the women who cut their hands if I was a “khaa-in“. The Quran says that Hazrat Yousuf said that everyone should know that I was not the one who would commit “khayana“. And the Quran said he was called a “Siddique” by the people around him. “Saadiq” and “Ameen” were the names given to Prophet Muhammad by the people of Makkah because of his truthfulness and honesty. These were the characteristics that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala wanted in His Prophets to rule over the Muslim Ummah.

Today, we see a different scenario altogether. The people who are sitting in the parliament and on Presidential seat are actually not an inch closer to the standards which were set long time ago for us. I know Prophets are the best of men amongst us and we cannot come near them but Allah sent those Prophets down as examples for us to follow. The game of politics that we have seen and that we see everyday makes us realise how hypocritical these politicians are and how far they would go to work for their own interest and put the people of Pakistan in jeopardy! It seems as if the national interests have gone in background and their own interests are served best!

The new Afghan trade transit, the fake degrees, Hillary Clinton’s visit and etc. etc. just make us wonder if these people know what they are doing? Or do they think that we are actually animals who cannot think or understand?

The ideology has been put at risk by the leaders and other elements working against us! The economy being destroyed by the leaders! The society is being pushed into anarchy!

I know I’m talking in fractions… I can’t help it!

Democracy! my foot! Afghan transit trade being signed without the stupid parliament being even informed and this is what you call is democracy!?!? ha ha!

bus awam hi pagal hai!


Defence Day!

Everyone around Pakistan have been celebrating Defence Day! Friends posting messages on Facebook, and sending smses that we fought like lions and tigers and won the war with a few tanks and fewer fighter jets! True! No one can deny the bravery and the imaan of those soldiers in those days. Today, I don’t know.

The recent reports of blackwater army driving through Iraq and is reported to have been involved in smuggling of weapons, child abuse and all sorts of crimes and since the “underground terrorist US army” is not over the ground, so the crimes go unregistered, unpunished! Not only that now the Blackwater army has deeply set it’s foot inside the boundaries of our own dear homeland for “security reasons”. There are reports in the newspapers that these terrorist army men assault local people in Peshawar and there is NO ONE there who can actually stop them. They move around in their big Chevy cars without number plates. Here’s one of the reports.  If you google it, a number of links would appear… go check for yourselves! I’m serious this is DISTURBING!

Mussolini’s secret police, Hitler (the abominable, the tyrant, the most racist dictator) had a secret police. So, what’s the difference between Hitler or Bush or Obama or Zardari. Don’t they seem like synonyms?! hai na? What say you?! OMG! No, they have been elected and have something to do with democracy! DEMOCRACY! MY FOOT! ( Oh Shoot! I’m losing my temper). What Democracy? The common people of Pakistan don’t know about these things, would they agree to it. No they don’t. But then we have a right to vote, we have a right to change things, but democracy is an illusion far  greater than dictatorship. Atleast one knows that dictatorship is dictatorship. Democracy is actually hypocrisy at it’s best. Anyway, Is no one concerned?! These people have western interests, some reports even call them “crusaders”. They roam around, holding guns, are not accountable for anything, any crime, any lawlessness. They are here for “security” reasons which US doesn’t want to disclose!

So are we going to sit down and watch it from the illusion of safety that we enjoy, but we don’t actually have?! Peshawar… then Islamabad, and who knows they probably are working in Karachi, Lahore and other parts of our country. Are we a country on the edge of ruin… Allah na kare. But the situation is worst than Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. They atleast know their enemies. We, on the other hand, know less and the very fact that the democracy is doing it’s “duty” is highly disturbing. To what limit would they take us? And today if we don’t want to come out of this illusion, I don’t think we have a right to call ourselves educated. The degrees we have now, we should burn them if we believe that whatever that is happening in Swat and the drone missiles won’t visit our homes. Because all of it is happening in our homes!

I’m just too disturbed right now! May Allah show us things as they are in themselves. Ameen. And save Pakistan from these anarchists that are roaming around and killing innocent people. Ameen. And may Allah save Pakistan from going towards these ruins. Ameen. It’s high time mothers of this nation wake up and do the duties that the mothers of the Muslim Ummah are assigned with. May Allah give us mothers like the mother of Mahmud Ghaznavi, Salahuddin Ayyubi. Ameen.

Democracy?! hahah!

On 18th of October, everyone was asked to stay home. These were the orders from all the family members, and not just mine but my friends’ too. Everyone knew it was “NOT SAFE” to go out even on the eve of Bhutto’s return.

While watching the procession from the morning till late at night, everyone knew that something’s going to happen. It seemed they were all watching TV to see when it actually takes place. The tragedy moved us all. This is how this nation is made to bleed. All those people walking beside Ms. Bhutto’s “bullet-proof” and “rocket proof” were poor common people. Most of them were paid to be there. How many of those poor souls might have thought that the money would cost them their lives. More than 130 people died, more than 500 were injured!

I laughed out loud sarcastically when I heard on T.V that the attack was an assassination attempt on Bhutto. Hello… For me or others who have “BRAINS” know that if Bhutto really was the target, she was a clear shot. One sniper, and no one would have ever known where the bullet came from. The blast took place near her well-protected car when she was INSIDE, RESTING!

It took her a few minutes to reach her home right after the blast. The people were scattered everywhere when her car braved away from the scene to her well protected home in Clifton. Everyone of us watched the tragedy on T.V. It’s like acid being poured inside our windpipes.

Next day, on 19th Oct, Bhutto had a press conference at her home. She joked around, laughed and said it out loud that her decision to return was not naeive even when she was warned earlier of possible attacks! For her it was the price people paid to have democracy in their country!!! “You’ve got to be kidding me!,” was my response.

What has she sacrificed for this land? for these people?! NOTHING! She, with her husband, has hoarded up wealth of the Pakistani people and now she claims that she is in the right! She still has her cases in Swiss Courts on money laundering, how can she expects us to forgive her?!  She’s back to drain us of all what’s left. And she’s come with the good news of DEMOCRACY?! She, who’s father was hanged by a General President had made a deal with another without any shame? She, who is going to give Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan to IEAE for making her father’s dream a reality? How can one trust her?! No, she’s here to actually peel off our skins and would bleed us to death.

It hurts me to say this. But I will mercilessly be blatant into saying that people who were there were sacrificed to ensure that Bhutto has sympathy of the rest of the world. The people who died and are injured, it’s them who have paid the price for being there, ON THR WRONG SIDE! It’s them who’ve paid the price for their WRONG choice! Now the bloodbath will begin. Now, like in the late ’80s and early ’90s, ordinary people will see the earth drinking their blood and politicians hoarding their wealth and eating their flesh!

Kahin tu hoga shab-e-sust mauj ka sahil

Kahin tu jaa ke rukay ga safina-e-gham-e-dil” – Faiz Ahmed Faiz

I hope and pray that O Allah Save us from these trials and afflictions of this bloody game of politics that these “moderates” are going to play now. Ameen