My husband was looking at his late uncle’s photo with Khursheed Ahmed (as they worked in the same office), so I asked him,” Was your uncle a Jamaati?”
He replied, “No! He was a deobandi!”

LOL! Seriously! I mean I continued to stare at him in utter bewilderment and could not actually comprehend what he was saying. And he carried on doing whatever he was doing without noticing that I had stopped in my tracks and am standing there trying to understand what he just said.



Another End! Another beginning! What we have left behind and what is it that we’ll be facing… *sigh*

The year ended on the sad note; Shahzeb Khan’s brutal murder and the gang rape case in India. Millions lost their lives in Gaza,Afghanistan, Waziristan, Karachi, Syria and Kashmir. Even in this new millennium, human life has no respect, no value. We live in an era where human blood is cheaper than water, where justice seems like a lost philosophy that one only reads about in books, that has no practical application in this jungle of humans where they treat fellow human beings like roaches. This is what the “civilized world” has come to, this is the new low… oh wait! I guess we shouldn’t underestimate ourselves, let’s find a new low this year.

Something strange happened this year and somehow I couldn’t digest it. And I just wanted to put it here for sometime but I just didn’t get time. This year Malala episode happened. The way things took turn, I was just simply shocked. My taya was shot at from a very close range, the bullet not only made a hole in his chest, but it also made a hole in my husband’s arm and my husband was standing two feet behind him. My Taya lost his life, but my husband went through surgery and now it’s been three years, his hand still doesn’t feel the same. I just couldn’t understand the whole episode. I don’t know…

The new Tahir-ul- Qadri episode is way too depressing. Now these jokers are going to take us out of our miseries, people who are not even allowed in the holy city of Makkah are now going to show us the way. They’ll be our saviors?!?! I think this is high time when the genuine ulemas come out and take the driving seat, because otherwise not only the country would come to destruction but even the faith and iman of people would come under serious threat.

Anyway, perhaps things will change. People came out to protest against the killing of Shahzeb Khan, maybe there is some hope left for the people of Pakistan. Maybe there is hope that’s why we feel the pain of those in Gaza, Syria, the victims of drone attacks, victims of target killings and so many others. I guess the day all of us would stand up to the few who think they are gods, that will be the day that things will change. Hope we do that soon…