More than 80 killed in the last four days…

The most shocking thing is, that they are using grenades, rockets and bombs… it’s a city for God’s sake!




Can You Guess The Name?

A certain hospital in Karachi comes under the City District Government Authority. The Hospital had been having some problems since the current political party got hold of it several years ago.

Recently, there have been major incidents in the hospital which have not been reported on any television, as that would mean a bad name to the mayor and his political party. One of the incidents that I would like to mention here happened pretty recently.

There had been an accident. The person injured when brought to the hospital was in a very critical condition. The doctors in the trauma ward attended to him, tried their best but were not able to save him. The person was a political activist. As he had died while doctors were working on him, they came under fire. The moment the person was announced dead, the political activists, who had brought him to the hospital, called their fellow workers, and all of them attacked the doctors there claiming that they didn’t do their best. They asked about the head of the trauma center or the person incharge then. They brought down the door of his office, broke everything there. The Unit office was called and the hospital asked them to please control the situation. The Unit office sent two policemen against 60 anarchists! Of course they never came out of the car to meet the mob head on.

Anyway, this is not the only incident that has happened there. There have been alot of incidents of the same sort happening in that hospital. In Karachi you know who those politically active activists are who are always there to create havoc, chaos and distruction around the city.

Can you guess the name?

The Fort

I have been busy with other things lately and didn’t get a chance to either dwell into the politics of Pakistan for some time. But something happened last night which has forced me to write something down here. And the very image burns in my mind and has an unsettling effect on me. The future seems… BLEAK!

A lot has been written about it I am sure but surely I would want to add my contribution to it or rather have a catharsis over it here and now. Last night, we planned to go for a drive. So, landing on the other side of the Lyari Expressway, then towards Boat Basin, we came across The Fort. Well lit area, well built fort, luxury apartments, high walls… you know what I’m talking about… The New US Embassy in Karachi! There’s something really disturbing about it the very presence of this city within a city. It is not just a land grabbed by the US, it’s more than that. The high walls, the fort, the security measures, everything about it is a question that the government fails to answer. The ordinary people, do they even know what is going to happen when they actually start operating on a full scale?! Why is there a need to build a fort when they have an embassy in Islamabad and in Karachi too (near Frere Hall). Maybe the bombing near it was a sham so that they can get a better, much bigger place. Are they planning something on a bigger scale, I mean blackwater’s head office in Peshawar, right? Then an embassy in Islamabad (I’m sure they have a network of balckwater there too.) Then MQM’s own police in Karachi working with the blackwater network in Karachi. The target killings of Professors in Baluchistan. Universities being closed down. School children having ID cards which are to be checked at entrance. Suicide bombings one after another killing hundreds of people. Media and the Government has put on a perfect show of embedding in the minds of people that Taliban are terrorists. And a more perfect job at disillusioning the whole idea of Jihad. People have doubts about it now. Astaghfirullah!

Though my reading is very limited and my understanding way too limited… but everything that is happening around, nothing seems to be going in the right direction. Last Sunday or a Sunday before that, a person wrote in favour of Kerry Lugar Bill. And the points that he raised were soo childish, I doubted his mental condition. Here is the link to that letter to the editor. The person is a former Ambassador. I doubt his critical thinking ability. I even doubt his qualifications. I mean how can you even think these to be solid pointers to actually endorse it! OH! GOD! This country is in the hands of people who have such slavish mentality and thinking that they cannot even think for themselves, they not only use the language of the “colonials”, they even say what they feed to them. Are we back to the times when subcontinent was being colonized by the English?

How can one be so blind to all this. Or maybe the general public is soo engrossed in the day to day earning of bread and butter, but the representatives of these people seem to be so slavish that they fail to realise their responsibilities towards their nation, their people, to their own very soul. Those high officials themselves have sold themselves to the benefits of the West that they turn a blind eye to their own very soil and let it slowly bleed to death. It’s high time that we should wake up and not put our trust in those leaders who have not failed us just once but everytime they came to power. This is the limit. We cannot just let them drag us to hell, the limbo of being governed by the US. And I highly doubt that there’s any difference between Hitler and Obama or any other leader or a person who supports US policies.



Walking on the beach last night, the stillness of the sea, the wavelessness and calmness took me back to the time when we used to live in the city by the Red Sea. The same smell… the peculiar smell of the waveless sea, brought back so many memories. The receded shore in the summers was one thing which all of us didn’t like when we were young, and we still don’t like it! The contrast these seas have with the one we enjoy in our homeland is striking. The gushing waves, the waves that make you crazy, the waves in which you dive and the tides that are high in the summer, and the government keeps announcing that the sea is dangerous yet the whole city goes there to killl the heat of the summer and to keep away from the pains and torture of the  power breakdowns. *sigh* It’s just a walk and that single walk can take you miles away from everything… the smell.. it’s abstract yet is so concretely embedded in your mind that it awakes all those memories associated with it. How Allah ST has made us all and how He has tuned us, it is all just so amazing. It’s just the realization… it is so overwhelming. SubhanAllah! WOW!

This maybe a clean, beautiful, developed and a rich nation, but somehow you miss the eccentricities of your own land. The nostlagia this place arouses of Jeddah cannot be denied, but the longing for the warmth of one’s own land is greater than anything else. The smell of the rain when it hits the earth, that smell can not be traded with any branded perfume. And I just realised that it’s the blessing of Allah SWT that he has bestowed upon us. But surely we are not doing any good to our own homeland, we are not paying it proper respects. I fear the Day when I’d be asked what did I do to make things right, what I should have done? The people who gave their lives to snatch away a piece of land from the clutches of Brits and the Hindus so that we can live our lives accroding to the Quran and Sunnah, have we actually fulfilled their ambitions/? Have we done justice to the blood that was shed so that we could have rights to perform our religious duties?

I’m still wondering where I stand in the middle of all this…hah! I miss home…

Where do I stand?

“16th December! Did you hear any bell ringing?”

“Who? Me? What?!”

I tried really hard to answer the question but I really couldn’t recall anything. And I kept thinking…


And I was dumbfounded! How could I forget? How can I not recall!? Everything went blurred… Am I so self obsessed and self absorbed and have turned into those critics who don’t look at themselves but criticize others? Am I turning into a hypocrit or am I already one?  I guess someone has to show me the mirror to make me see where I stand? Am I standing on stable grounds or have I walked blindly into some quicksand and do not know it. I’m scared now! I can’t get over the fact that I didn’t know… I ACTUALLY COULDN’T RECALL!!!

Bangladesh appeared on the map of this world. People started questioning the grounds of the two nation theory on which Pakistan was created.Questions still remain: Where did we go wrong? How could we be so brutal to our own brothers? And the one which still haunts us to death is: Is there a language problem?! Is it a nationality problem? You being a Bengali and I a Punjabi or a Pathan? The question still remains unanswered…

I know I’m jumping too fast but I can’t help it. Just before Eid, we experienced an ethnic cleansing drive. The famous MQM cleaning the streets of Karachi from the “terrorist” Pathans and Afghanis. Again, a language problem?! And the horror struck me… What next?! Driving Punjabis away from Karachi as well? then Balochis? Is not Karachi a part of Pakistan? Then it struck me really hard.. a nail in my head between my eyes… my family has intermarried in every “community”, would that mean that the families will be torn apart??! my family would be torn apart?! Just imagine your kids being taken to someplace else, your wife sent somewhere and you are clueless… Won’t it be painful? or worse, you know where they are but you can’t see them, contact them, hear from them or… Where are we heading?

Now look back at 1971… families torn apart.. thousands still uncertain about their identity… neighboring enemy gaining from your losses and is happy that you split apart… Was there really a language problem or was it all a sham? What went wrong?

Coming back to what happened earlier today. I, myself, unaware of my own history. The realization came as a shock. But I was comforted with a voice in my head which belong to my mentor. He once said that realization is the most important part. Only after realization would you be able to recognize your mistakes and determine the path you would take next…

But… what about the whole nation… We are nowhere near realization… and I’m a part of it…

Nisaar Mein Teri Galiyon ke…

The recent violence in Karachi reminded me of this poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz…

Nisar mein teri galiyon ke…

Nisar mein teri galyion ke aye watan ke jahan
chali hai rasm keh koi na sar utha kay chalay
jo koi chahnay wala tawaf ko niklay
nazar chura kay chalay, jism-o-jaan bacha kay chalay
hai ahl-e-dil kay liye ab yeh nazm-e-bast-o-kushaad
ke sang-e-wakhast muqayyad hain aur sag azaad
Bohot hai zulm kay dast-e-bahana joo kay liye
jo chand ahl-e-junoon tera naam lewa hain
banein hain ahl-e-hawas, mudda’ii bhi, munsif bhi
kisay wakeel karein, kisse munsafi chahein
magar guzaarne walon kay din guzartay hain
teray firaaq mein yun subh-o-shaam kartay hain
bujha jo rozan-e-zindaan tu dil yeh samjha hai
keh teri maang sitaaron se bhar gayi hogi
chamak uthay hain salasil tu hum nay jana hai
ke ab sahar tere rukh per bikhar gayi hogi
gharz-e-tasawwar-e-shaam-o-sahar mein jeetay hain
girift-e-saaya-e-deewar-o-dar mein jeetay hain
yunhi hamesha ulajhti rahi hai zulm se khalq
na in ki rasm nayi, na apni reet nayi
yunhi hamesha khilaye hain hum nay aag mein phool
na un ki haar nayi hai na apni jeet nayi
isi sabab say falak ka gila nahin kartay
tere firaaq mein hum dil bura nahin kartay
gar aaj tujh se juda hain tu kal bhem hongay
yeh raat bhar ki judaayi tu koi baat nahin
gar aaj auj pe hai taali’-e-raqqeb tu kia
yeh chaar din ki khudaayi tu koi baat nahin
jo tujh se ehd-e-wafa ustawaar rakhtay hain
ilaaj-e-gardish-e-lail-o-nahar rakhtay hain


Cheema is hilarious. I’m talking about the press conference that he had saying that Benazir Bhutto was killed by the lever of the sun roof of her Land Cruiser. Either he himself has gone mad or thinks that we are crazy to believe him.

Another press conference that was entertaining was the one held by PPP. Asif Zardari was the key spokesperson there. Benazir Bhutto, who claimed to be the protector and a fighter for democracy, named her son as the successor and her husband to be the co-chair person of PPP. Is that the true spirit of democracy?! No party elections, she just named her son in her will to be the heir to the throne of PPP! Interesting, isn’t it?!

Today, near my brother’s workplace in North Karachi Industrial Area, things went bad again. One of the factories which resumed the normal working routine was set ablaze with one of the petrol pumps. The rangers which my brother saw in the morning vansihed when they were needed! And the news channels didn’t report this nor did the city mayors confirmed any such reports.

In other words, the common man and his property is not safe. People now are afraid to go out after dark, and even under the naked sun they walk with caution. Life is paralized! Pakistan’s economy is paralyzed! And now when every nationalist is talking about further dividing the land, I’m reminded of the map of Pakistan that CIA released. The map which is moth eaten. And I wonder if all it’s been planned ahead by international agencies…

And I’m still thinking…