Devastating Results

Yesterday it happened and it was all over the news and the facebook feed; a boy and a girl of tenth grade, killed themselves, because they thought that they were in love and wont be united by the world! And the media got all crazy asking if it were them who shoved them to such fate? People were asking if it was their parents? Or the school administration or the teachers? And for so many this was just what our future holds…

We do not have a television at our place. My kids watch stuff on youtube under heavy scrutiny and when I am watching something, I make sure my kids are asleep. Knowing that my kids have a very sharp memory and they can recall incidents that took place more than two years ago, I am compelled to watch over for not only what they watch but even of what I speak! (Not to mention my elder one just turned five) Why I am relating all this is because media does have a lot of influence on us. The kids who committed mutual suicide were only kids, not knowing what actually love is, or life is or what is happening beyond the boundaries of their little lives! They don’t know how Syrians are living their lives and how they are drowing at sea to get to safer lands! This is the hard reality! We feel it is okay for our kids to watch TV and movies, not realizing the long lasting impacts that would have on the psychological development of a child! What are you exposing them to… For a change, talk to your kids about life, about their surroundings, about the world we live in, and about their feelings and help them channelize those feelings.

We have moved away from the realities of life and we yet not take heed!