Headlines continue to shock me in so many number of ways that I cannot even describe them in words!

“Sadar nay Rehman Malik ki saarai sazain maaf ker dein”

I mean … oh forget it!

Why are there people in jails then? Release them too! Why should they be in jails?

There was this other news a few days back too that the PPP leader was re-elected after he was thrown out because he had a fake degree? I mean who the hell allowed him to stand up for the election? Where is the election commission? Does PPP have no other person in their party who at least holds a genuine degree?

Does Supreme Court have any power over these corrupt politicians because all we see is that Supreme Court is calling people, giving verdicts and NO ONE is following them!

And come on, everyone, who has the ability to think, knows that 18th amendment is just one step closer to the same dictatorship/Feudal system! Everyone’s congratulating everyone on passing an amendment but what kind of stupidity is it that these stupid so-called democratic parties cannot themselves run their parties in a democratic way!

And one last question to all those who say that they are not political being a Pakistani:

How can these political changes, dilemmas and chaos do not affect you in anyway?


How Will You React?!

If your family is killed by the drone attacks, your friends murdered by the NATO missiles and you are driven out of your land by the army of your own country… How will you react?!