“Oh Lord! Give me Strength”

Earlier this year or should I say the end of last year, all of us witnessed worst crisis in Gaza, where they actually closed all the borders and bombed the people of Palestine as if their lives were worth nothing. I remember watching this news report on BBC with my younger sister in which the reporter or the news report was showing these huge UN trucks laden with sacks of food items. So, the report showed how after a long long time waiting at the border, were they allowed to carry food items inside. Something funny happened then. The news reporter said though these trucks are allowed inside the Gaza Strip but we do not know if the people would have enough money to buy them. My sister was shocked and she asked me isn’t that UN aid?! Isn’t that supposed to be free?! Shouldn’t they just distribute it amoungst people, families which are wrecked, ruined, terrorized, distroyed and made homeless?! The reason it didn’t come as a shock to me was because when Earthquake struck Pakistan and the whole international community extended their hands in order to support Pakistan, the aid that came was not actually aid it was “loan”. So they helped us get loans and then look all of us are indebted to them.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned it was because, I can actually see papers filled with UN reports of this much number of people have been displaced and World Food Aid and others  regarding Swat’s Internally displaces people, and I wonder, and I actually wonder if they are actually providing those people with aid?! And if aid, what definition of “aid” are we following?! It’s been a long time since I’ve stopped trusting these organizations and their efforts as there’s more to their help than just being humane and the love of people.

Now I feel stupid! Who am I to say anything… Have I put in my contribution?! *sigh*

“Oh Lord! Rabbana! give us strength to help our brothers who are in distress.” Ameen