Recent events have made me stop in my tracks and think again and prioritize again what is most important in my life! Whatever that is you see around you, you feel as if the fitna (trial and afflictions) that have been foretold in the Ahadeeth are actually happening around us! Death, suffering, calamities, lies, deceit, zulm,etc. everything as they’ve been explained more than 1430 years ago.

The plane crash, the floods, and then famine, diseases, and then people in other cities killing one another as if there isn’t enough suffering and death all around the country without the gunpowder! Plus LIES! I mean there has to be a limit for how much you can lie shamelessly! I remember writing an article few months back that media should confirm and then say something on any news that’s been brought to them. Why was there a need to say that six people are taken out alive and are injured in the plane crash?! Why is there a pack of lies on tv all the time. Then you see all those tv men going in the places of calamities and plane crashes and they just go there for reporting and not bringing about any relief to the people living there who have suffered so much! I remember tv people reaching earthquake hit areas in helicopters and were not there to provide relief but just for reporting purposes!

Anyway, forget that. Imagine a minister on tv saying that for rehabilitation of all those flood struck people, we should provide them with LOANS! hadd hai! Later they’d ask those poor people to return it with 13% interest rate? And they would sit in their air conditioned rooms and eat away all our tax money and become fat! Where are those stupid NGOs who have been funded by US to work in Pakistan, maybe they are just entertaining blackwater army in here.

Time and again Quran says that “yahood-o-nasara” can never be your friends, but the leaders of this country would go on licking their boots and bowing to them for funds and loans and then eat away all that money and put the pressure of more tax on the poor people of this country!

These natural calamities, these sufferings, these deaths that we experience everyday, they are not a test! The test we have failed! This is the harvest of what we’ve sowed for so many years! It’s time that we stop in our tracks and we prioritize our aims in life! Because we don’t have time now… These are the times that we should stick to the “Rope of Allah” or else we’ll be washed away by the trials and afflictions that have hit us so hard!


Identity Crisis

When Musharraf came to power and the whole 9/11 thing happened, major changes were seen in the political, social and economic scene in Pakistan. When the US said that, ” either you are with us, or against us”, it divided the people of Pakistan. Most of them supported Afghanistan and believed that the US operation was unjust. There were statistics that said that they supported Musharraf… whatever! Anyway, during this whole crisis, his think tanks derived a formula of “sab se pehle Pakistan”, there were songs, concerts, and what not to make sure that this message was embedded in the minds of people so that they would think “Pakistan First”! It was pretty effective as people have this nationalistic mentality in Pakistan where everyone’s either a Punjabi or a Pathan or a Sindhi, or a Balochi or a Muhajir or a Pakhtoon! Proof of it is that NWFP’s name has been changed to Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, the Siraikis want another province for themselves! And it is soo sad! So, back to where I was, Musharraf was pretty much successful in making people think with his media campaigns to think about being  a Pakistani first. And because it was the period when the US coalition attacked Afghanistan, this nationalistic thought overcame all the other provincial identities.

And why am I mentioning all this?! Because we fail to prioritize our identities! There’s been a video that a friend of mine posted on her wall on FB, and the title is, “yea kin logon ki basti hai aey Khuda” by some group called Jagoo Pakistan. The group though criticizes the media responsibilities towards Dr. Afia and too much publicity to Shoaib and Sania wedding and the attitude of the government towards Dr. Afia as compared to that towards Sania Mirza.  I’d agree to the part that yes, the media hasn’t done justice to Dr. Afia but we have to see where we can draw lines. Sania  Mirza maybe Indian but she is a Muslim first. So, when you call her  the “other” or dosre ki beti, you show and you prove that the Musharraf’s “sab se pehle Pakistan” was a success! I’m not saying that I’m not a Patriot or that I don’t love Pakistan, it’s just that if it wasn’t for Islam, there wouldn’t have been a Pakistan.

Pakistan was not made to divide Muslims, but it was made to protect them, to safeguard their rights but somehow the purpose seem to have lost! We fail to realize that we are first and foremost Muslims. When people starting converting to Islam more than 1430 years ago, the Kuffar of Makkah used to say that what kind of religion is this which has put enmity between blood ties and the reply to that is in Quran that Allah has developed love between them (the Muslims) which is far greater and far stronger than that of the blood ties! The Muslim brotherhood didn’t rely on the blood ties or worldly advantages, the brotherhood and the love between them was based on their love for Allah.  They were tied together because they loved Allah and they were Muslims. When we embrace Islam, or when one comes under the fold of Islam, he/she automatically becomes a part of the Muslim community in all parts of the world. That is the beauty of it!

So when we are Muslims first, the Sania Mirza issue shouldn’t be shown like this. The media is responsible for creating such a hype about it and that maybe because the agenda on which the media conglomerates wants the real issues to subside in front of such mundane ones. Always remember, “Nothing is what it seems” specially on television. This so-called free media (I’m calling it a so-called free media because the strings are held somewhere and I know it’s not as free as they project it to be) has undermined the value of Dr. Afia’s case soo much so that the people of Pakistan don’t even know what is happening except for a few! And if this is “awareness” that they are spreading, I wonder what’s the opposite of it!

Anyway, the only thing that I want to highlight here is think of being Muslims first! These national identities were gievn to us by Allah Ta’ala so that we could recognize one another. Not because we can divide and fight. Learn from Ansars from the occasion when they gave half of EVERYTHING to their brothers from Makkah! This is our tradition. Sania Mirza married Shoaib Malik, fine, it’s a marriage! Let it go! There are far more important issues at hand that should be looked into. There are far more difficult times ahead of us, which should be thought about! How to get out of the crises that we are facing as Muslims, as Pakistanis, inside our country and outside in the international community! Look beyond the mere walls of your houses. We are Muslims, and all Muslims all over the world are tied together. Look Muslims everywhere are suffering, and we as their brothers, what can we do??? Think outside the box! Think!

We are Muslims first! Can’t we make a small contribution to the Muslim world even if it is by praying for our Muslim brothers who are in pain! We are Muslims, we are tied together for our love for Allah and His Messenger(pbuh), so stop prioritizing your national identity! We are Muslims First!

Final Act!

I have been experiencing the ‘reader’s block’ again, if there is such a thing. I managed to finish one book in ages. And that too with too many pauses, interruptions and all. The book was a gift from a friend and I believe the book has made clear so many connections of all the events going around that the picture that was once quite blurred, can be seen with much clarity now.

I just want to share one thing from the book. The book is called, “Dajjal: Kab? Kaise? Kahan?” It talks about the arrival of the anti Christ and how the stage has been almost set for his arrival. One of the things that Prophet used to say is that when he would come, people will not be able to recognize him  for the evil incarnate! There can be various reasons for that, and one that the author talks about is, because there would be soo much fitna (trials and afflictions) and war and death around that people would see him as the one who would save them from all such pains. Since the anti-christ would be ultimate epitome of hypocrisy, no one would see his real face. And if we see around ourselves, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, now Yemen, innocent people are dying, their property being burnt and their source of livelihood being perished away either by bombs, or be simply burning it away! You can see how everywhere people are going through some sort of crisis. Specially ones living in these areas above mentioned, no one knows when there’d be another blast or another drone attack and everything would just disappear before their own eyes in seconds. The lives of people are not even secured in their own houses, not even in the houses of Allah (SWT). There’s fire and death everywhere. The final stage being prepared! The stage is set rather! It’s a matter of time that the curtains would drop and what was promised would come forth! It’s high time we should realize that it’s not war against terror that the world is fighting, it’s the war against Muslims, and Islam. The President who waged war against Afghanistan called it a “crusade” and are we actually going to believe that it wasn’t in his subconscious and it just came out of nowhere!

Are we prepared to meet the challenges the future holds for us! Stop! Think! What can be done today to make us stand our ground in the future and not waver away from our faith and Iman. It’s a hadeeth of the Prophet that one would be safe from the evils of Dajjal if they memorize the first ten ayahs of Surah Al Kahaf. Some say the last ten ayahs of the same Surah. And it was the Sunnah of the Prophet to read the Surah every Friday!

There’s always hope even in the caves of darkness. Though the times ahead are evil but Allah and his Prophet has given us something which can save us from the severest of conditions. It’s just that we have to keep feeling for our brothers, keep helping them, keep ourselves in the company of pious people and keep ourselves as away from sins as we can. It’s high time we keep ourselves as close to the Book as we can, as close to the sunnahs of Prophet as we can, because there’s no other way which will give us the ticket to please our Lord and be rewarded by Him!

And always pray that, ” Oh Lord! show us things as they are in themselves! and Keep us on the Right Path and make us the supporters of haqq!” Ameen.


The post below shows how our President has been going around the world begging for support, friendship, helpers and all. I don’t want to say much but I came across this while reading Quran yesterday and I felt the horror of it in the pit of my stomach…

O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliyâ’ (friends, protectors, helpers), they are but Auliyâ’ of each other. And if any amongst you takes them (as Auliyâ’), then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allâh guides not those people who are the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers and unjust).

Verse no. 51, Surah Al Ma’ida

There Are Signs

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Last September, a bomb blast rocked the city of Islamabad- the target was Marriot Hotel. There were many stories regarding the whole blast and the most famous were that of American Embassy being invloved in the whole affair. Though the authorities wanted people to think otherwise…

Today, the target was Lahore Rescue building. So many killed, so many injured… the images wrought our hearts, the cries filled our ears, yet our hearts didn’t shake for the horror that was unleashed!

The blame game begins:

Rehman Malik said on record that it was a reaction of the Swat operation. But most of us thought otherwise. Why believe the lying government? Why believe the stupid man when there have been no  investigation as such?! Why believe that the men caught are not actually the people of the governement? or Mossad?or CIA? or RAW?!  There’s more to everything that’s been done today… that happens today… why rely on these puppets for the truth?

Taliban, who tried to form a government in Afghanistan were feared by the whole world, so America thought why not just eradicate those handful of people, they bombed the place to bits and pieces killing and they’re still killing innocent men and women and children. Taliban, that were originally Taliban, are still in those caves still fighting the nato forces and the american forces in Afghanistan.Taliaban, who eradicated the poppy fields, who stopped tribal wars and those who fought away Russians with barefeet and no hi fi weaponary. Well, at the end of one of the john Rambo movies, it says that this movie is dedicated to the courageous people of Afghanistan just becase at the time they were fighting Russia, but what happened then…? Well.. it’s all changed now. Oh plus! They grow poppy now in Afghanistan, and Americans are selling herione now for more than 100% profit and in dollars… they must have hated that about the Taliban too…

The country ,whose anti-aircraft guns were rooted on the soil fo Jordan to safeguard the refugees of Palestine, is itself in jeopardy. The country whose rulers are corrupt, American puppets or better American puppies and who are there because America wanted them to be there. People are under the impression it’s them who vote. Bechare… when will they able to see the truth. How can we rely on democracy in Pakistan when more than 90% of the population is slaves to the chaudhries, waderas and sardars? where literacy rate is low than 87%?How can an Aalim’s decision be equal to a Jaahil’s? This is what happens when we follow a flawed system where the word of Allah is not held Supreme. Beware of the Wrath of God, for when the zulm increases to it’s limits, and they spread fasaad, the Wrath of God is unleashed over the creation preceded by the warnings. Look around us, the soaring temperatures, the poverty, the IDPs, the bomb blasts and the earthquakes… but we fail to realise that we have digressed!

There are signs for those who have aql.. but that aql comes with taqwa, imaan and amal-e-saleh. We are far from that…

The Touchstone…

Narrated (Abdullah bin Umar): Allah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H) said,

“A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, nor should he hand him over to  an oppressor. Whoever fulfill the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfill his need; whoever brought his (Muslim) brother out of a discomfort, Allah will bring him out of the discomforts of the Day of Ressurrection, and whoever screened a Muslim, Allah will screen him on the Day of Ressurection”

– Sahih Al Bukhari (The Book of Mazalim

Narrated Anas: The Prophet (SAW) said, 

“None of you will have faith till he likes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself”

-Sahih Al Bukhari (The Book of Belief i.e. Faith)


Today’s scenario at Gaza is a TEST for us all… how many of us actually feel for them. There have been alarming statements from Muslim Countries denouncing their support for their Palestinian brothers. 

We all have to die someday. If not now then tomorrow or the the next moment. The realization that death is inevitable and we will be questioned about everything defines the course of our lives sahih ma’non mein. Has this realisation defined our lives?! Has death defined our lives?! 

Think again! We will die… Have we prepared ourselves for the eternal life that’s awaiting us?

Mera ik ik Sipahi hai Khyber Shikan…

Whose war are we fighting?

TO whom are we proudly showing our strength?!

Whose shoes are we licking?!

Maybe too many questions. But the answers are always ambiguous. The masters changed. The confused are becoming more confused. What system is this where justice is not there. And I’m not talking about the lawyers and judge’s movement. If there’s no center in life, every movement is fruitless. And we surely have left that centre a long time back…

The soldiers are fighting a war, they don’t know for whom. Their attacks bring down men of their own. Their lives becoming burdened by the blood they shed of the innocent. They have lost the centre and they have lost the direction and thus they lost their souls to the devil. The devil who watches them from the shadows of their hearts and laughs at them calling on God that,’look, as I’ve promised I’ve made them my fellow dwellers of Hell.” And men, succumbing to the darkness of their souls and hearts feel themselves lost in the world of glamour and drinking deeply of the presentness rather than the consequences…

News flickered on TV from the Khyber Agency. The news people calling them the local “Taliban”. Then the news showed the “shuhada conference” from Islamabad. It’s been one year. One whole year since the Lal MAsjid Incident…

“Mera ik ik Sipahi hai khyber shikan” – the national song blared on the radio. The song mocking the bravery of the soldiers. The soldiers who proudly brought down Lal Masjid. The soldiers that killed innocent women and children. The soldiers that never had the courage to even give those girls, children a proper burial. These are the soldiers who are as strong as the fort of Khyber, stronger than Khyber that they can actually pull it down, break it up.

There were soldiers once, who tied bombs onto themselves and used to lie down the enemy tanks so that those tanks wont touch the sacred soil of their country. There were soldiers once who would give lives just to protect their country, their people. People used to encourage their kids to go into Army and be the one who’d have sleepless night watching the borders ir country… to let their kids on the wall so that the country sleeps soundly under the safety blanket. But now… now… they’re not soo sure…

It all comes down to one thing: When the “Centre” goes, everything else goes with it.