Oxymoron?! Paradox?! Juxtaposition?! or just LIES?!

Ha Ha! Now and then you find something or the other in the newspapers to which you laugh your lungs out or just at times you smile sarcastically as if saying,” Who are they kidding? Themselves?!” Unfortunately most of us fail to see the whole picture and just rely on news…

Back to where I was. In today’s Dawn, right on the front page there are two pieces attatched one below the other. The headlines were soo paradoxical that one might wonder if the President actually knows the ground realities… Just sad. So in very literary terms, we can call it oxymoron, or paradox, but since it is a newspaper and we would just stick to layman’s terms, so we’d just call it safaid jhoot!

Anyway the 1st headline says:

Drone mows down 28 in S. Waziristan

And right below that, the second headline says :

Taliban trying to take over state: Zardari

So yeah, the drones are not killing Pakistani civillians, they are not killing women and children. You actually feel the bitterness in your throat…